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For those of you who may not be aware Audax Australia is on Facebook .

Although you'll need to open a Facebook account to gain access, unless you already have one, once you are in you'll be able to catch on what is going on, read ride reports, view photos, find out more about upcoming events and/or just chat with friends and fellow randonneurs.

And its not just Audax Australia who are on Facebook. Many other ACP/LRM affiliated clubs are on there as well. So if you feel like a bit of armchair randonneuring it possible to chat up on what's happening here in Australia and around the world.

Most clubs, or in Audax Australia's case Regions, use Groups. This functions similarly to an email chat-list where you can post your own stories and photos, share links, and respond to others. Some Groups are open and anyone can join them. Others are closed and requests to join have to be approved first.

Audax Australia Group

ACT Group

Mackay Group

Queensland Group

SA Region Group

Tasmania Region Page  

Vic Region Group

WA Region Group


If you are a fan of GPS you may be interested in joining our Strava group . See who is riding were, and keep up with your favourite events, share new rides and discover new places to ride.


Follow the official Audax Australia Twitter feed via @AudaxOz and the hastag #AudaxOz.

This is also a great way of getting up to date information about major club events.


Click here to join the Audax Australia chatlist


Something Missing?
If you have a suggestion for other ways of staying connected with the club please let us know by dropping a line to your Regional Rep or using the feedback forms on this website.

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