Welcome to Audax Australia! Australia’s long distance cycling club.

Whether you like a long open bitumen road through the countryside, a hilly gravel road through forest, or a bit of each, we’ve got the ride for you.   Check out our online calendar of events for what’s on near you.

And to understand the different kinds of rides we offer, check out our Ride Types

There’s always a challenge in Audax Australia. Dare yourself to become a Super Randonneur – go for a Super Series comprising each of a 200, 300, 400 and 600 km Brevets Randonneur Mondiaux in the riding year 1 November to 31 October.  That will earn you a special French Audax Club Parisien medallion (or an Audax Australia one) and qualify you to purchase the exclusive Audax Australia Super Randonneur’s jersey.

And, if you’ve got in mind the world-famous Paris‑Brest‑Paris 1200 km event held by Audax Club Parisien every four years, Audax Australia will help you get ready...

For further info, you can also use the contacts page to find someone relevant like National Committee members or the Regional President or Rides Co‑ordinator in your Region, or check out our Facebook page.


Upcoming Rides

Sat 25 May
NSW Temora 50km Route MapRegistration
NSW Baulkham Hills 100km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 103km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 200km Route MapRegistration
NSW Baulkham Hills 201km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 300km Registration
NSW Baulkham Hills 307km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 406km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 600km Registration
QLD Westlake 400km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 50km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 58km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 100km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 105km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 157km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 210km Route MapRegistration
VIC Ashburton 130km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Apollo Bay 199km Route MapRegistration
VIC Apollo Bay 203km Route MapRegistration
Sun 26 May
NSW Temora 63km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 101km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 201km Registration
QLD Doug Larsen Park Logan St. Beenleigh 105km Route MapRegistration
VIC Apollo Bay 55km Route MapRegistration
VIC Apollo Bay 104km Route MapRegistration
VIC Apollo Bay 207km Route MapRegistration
Mon 27 May
NSW Temora 100km Route MapRegistration
NSW Temora 200km Route MapRegistration
Tue 28 May
QLD Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map