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Newsletter – February 28, 2018

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This special AGM edition celebrates the achievements of the 2016-2017 season, reviews the year that was and looks forward to the events of 2018.


About the awards

It was my intent to document the various awards so that those like myself who are unaware of the requirements or history of the awards could have a better appreciation beyond just the raw distances in brevet kilometres traveled. It turns out this is a broad topic and so in order to do it justice, there will be an “award of the month” article in future newsletters covering the topic in an appropriate amount of detail.

For now though you will just have to be as awestruck as I am at the commitment and accomplishment of covering so many kilometres in a year.


Awards were presented by Sandy Vigar to recipients who attended the meeting. The list below acknowledges all achievements for the year.



Audax Australia Annual 10000km  AwardBrian Hornby
Audax Australia Annual 7500km  AwardPeter Watson
Audax Australia Annual 5000km  AwardAnthony Richardson, Peter Jenkins
Audax Australia Annual 2500km  AwardGayle Sticher, John McMullan, Justin Bennett, Pat Lehane, Raoul Dover, Tara Horner, Vaughan Kippers
Audax Australia Annual 1000km  AwardAndrew Gills, Elizabeth Blooms, Hugh Fyson, Kim Christie, Mark Harris, Peter Butterss
Australian Super RandonneurAnthony Richardson, Brian Hornby
Dirt SeriesPeter Jenkins, Raoul Dover, Vaughan Kippers
Gale Schaub AwardGayle Sticher
Gran Turismo Super RandonneurAnthony Richardson, Brian Hornby
Nouveau RandonneurAndrew Gills, Anthony Richardson, Brian Hornby, John McMullan, Justin Bennett, Kim Christie, Peter Watson, Simon Faber, Tara Horner, Tracey Howley
Petite Year Round RandonneurGayle Sticher, John McMullan, Justin Bennett, Kim Christie, Pat Lehane, Peter Jenkins
The Martin Pearson Memorial TrophyBrian Hornby
Woodrup 5000Anthony Richardson, Brian Hornby
Year Round RandonneurAnthony Richardson, Brian Hornby, Peter Robertson, Peter Watson, Raoul Dover

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2016-2017 season review

Reports covering the 2016-2017 season were delivered to those assembled.


President’s Report

Brian presented the President’s report which covered a lot of ground.

Key points mentioned:

  • The epermanent system has proved a great success on a number of fronts. Ease of use has contributed to increased rider participation and manual administration is greatly reduced. Funds are collected at the point of registration which has improved this aspect of ride management as well.
  • GT Series and Great Northern Six pack organised by Gayle and Kim have been a great success and the Great Northern Six pack will run again in 2018.
  • The Brevet secretary’s efforts were acknowledged by Brian who noted that he has a greater appreciation for the effort involved while covering for Nick.
  • The Treasurer’s efforts were acknowledged by Brian who reports that changes by the national committee are likely to simplify financial processes at some point in future.
  • The work of the Calendar coordinator was acknowledged with Brian noting both Peter and Rosie’s efforts.
  • Membership is growing currently 172 from 140 previously with much of the growth in FNQ. Membership clusters around where rides are conducted leading to discussion on how to improve membership on the Gold and Sunshine Coast regions.

Financial Report

Kym presented the financial report showing the club currently has a strong financial position. Spending for the year was explained.

Key points mentioned:

  • significant increase in rider participation, especially in FNQ
  • permanent rides increased 600% and the epermanent system was attributed as a factor for this increase
  • two rides made a loss during the season

Calendar coordinator

Peter presented his report providing a detailed analysis, pointing out areas of growth. The epermanent system was acknowledged as contributing to the rise in permanents ridden. A significant increase in gravel kilometres was noted as well.


Mark advised:

  • Increased social traffic, in particular Facebook where the club has two presences, an external page open to all and a group open to members only.
  • The efforts of Rod Staines in assisting ride promotion was acknowledged.
  • The use of the automated email list for distribution of information and ride promotion was also noted.
  • Website analysis shows visits in the order of 600 per month.
  • The newsletter editor is now Keith Heinrich who is always open to new content, and especially ride reports.

2018 Committee

Please welcome your committee for 2018.

President:                             Brian Hornby        

Vice-President:                    Jeff Franklin          

Treasurer:                            Kym Raffelt           

Brevet Secretary:                Vaughan Kippers   

Secretary:                            Mark Riley             

Newsletter Editor:                Keith Heinrich       

Calendar Co-ordinator:        Peter Jenkins        

General Committee members: Justin Bennett, David Booth, Raoul Dover, Simon Faber, Rosie Godwin, Lindsay Green, Tara Horner, Pat Lehane, John McMullen, Anthony Richardson, Rod Staines, Gayle Sticher, Peter Watson