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What to carry on the bike

There are many “philosophies” here. Some people like to go light (“what can I get away with?”). Some people like to have every eventuality covered (“sure I have a spare bottom bracket, it’s going to cost you”). In general it is a case of personal risk management, you will have to weigh up many factors.

  • How long is the ride?
  • How important is the ride to you? (is it the last PBP qualifier?)
  • What are the conditions going to be like? (are you in Tassie or FNQ?)
  • What condition is your bike in? (how thin is the tread on those tyres?)


If it is a long ride (into/over-night) you will need reflective vest, lights (see Safety Recommendations) plus potentially warm weather gear, arm/leg-warmers, rain/wind-proof, gloves, clear glasses. Met-Eye is a very useful resource from the Bureau of Meteorology for accurately predicting overnight conditions.


A power pack for recharging your phone/GPS. Spare lights, batteries.


A typical minimum set of tools may include:

  • two spare tubes
  • tube repair kit (glue and patches)
  • tyre levers
  • pump
  • multi-tool with a chain breaker
  • spare chain link

Additional tools to consider include:

  • a tyre boot (or use a $5 note)
  • spare spokes or a fibre spoke
  • a spare (foldable) tyre
  • spare brake and gear cables
  • spare brake pads
  • spare rear derailleur hanger
  • wrap some electrical or gorilla tape around your pump
  • cable ties


Gels, figs, banana bread, peanut butter & honey sandwiches? yes, yes, yes and yes. Audax is all about eating. If there is an issue with water or the distance between bakeries on a ride, the RO will likely have pointed this out and you would be wise to take notice. Sometimes in hot weather, two bidons are not enough.


Don’t forget your brevet. A zip-lock bag and a pen also can be useful.