Ride Management Overview

Last Modified: 21/07/2021

How Audax Rides are Managed

Numerous Audax rides are organised and run each week across Australia. This is achieved by the efforts of many members within Audax Australia.

  • Each Region of Audax Australia manages Calendar Events and Permanent Rides within their region.
  • The responsibilities for managing rides is predominately allocated to three regional roles:
    • Ride Organisers
    • Regional Calendar Coordinators
    • Regional Brevet Secretaries
  • Ride Services has also been established to support the Regions in running rides.

Calendar Event Management

ProcessResponsible Party
1. Event ProposedRide Organiser
2. Event ScheduledRegional Calendar Coordinator
3. Event PublishedRide Organiser
Rider Registration and CompletionMembers
4. Event FinishedRide Organiser
5. Event ValidatedRide Organiser
6. Event Closed
(Rides Homologated)
Regional Brevet Secretary
International Brevet Secretary
Regional Treasurer (financial reconciliation)

Permanent Ride Management

ProcessResponsible Party
1. Permanent Ride ProposedRide Organiser
2. Permanent Ride ApprovedRegional Brevet Secretary
Rider Registration and CompletionMembers
3. Ride ValidatedRide Organiser
4. Ride HomologatedRegional Brevet Secretary

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  1. Barry Stevenson says:

    Greetings. I have several permanents under my name (Barry Stevenson – barrypbp1@gmail.com) in the Wollongong area. 2 people have seen them for the first time in quite a while but the automated link for me to approved does not allow me in. Would something have changed in the last 2 years or so? Regards, Barry

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