Knowledge Base

National Roles

To view the list of currently elected National Committee members, refer to Audax Management

The National Committee is elected annually by club members and meets regularly to report on the current state of the club as well as track the progress of initiatives. The National Committee comprises:

National President

Position Description

The President is the leader of the Audax Australia Cycling Club, setting its overall direction, consistent with the views of Members, and having overall responsibility for the club’s administration.
The President is responsible for planning; consulting with key members of the National Committee in prioritising its goals within the framework of its responsibilities and reviewing for effective execution.

Responsibilities and Duties

The President should:

  • act as a facilitator for Association activities
  • ensure that planning and budgeting is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the Members
  • represent the Association at Regional, State and National levels
  • manage and Chair the Annual General Meeting
  • facilitate and Chair effective National Committee meetings

In particular, the President should:

  • contribute to the Association’s primary publication, Checkpoint, and other public material such as the website (eg President’s Pedals, National Committee Happenings)
  • provide advice and guidance on the interpretation and application of the Constitution, Regulations and Rules of the Club
  • preside at ceremonies and make presentations acknowledging and rewarding the achievements of Members
  • arbitrate as necessary on issues of dissension between viewpoints of various parties
  • be the face of the Club in the cycling world and with affiliated Clubs
  • have co-signatory responsibilities for the Association’s bank account

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally, the President is someone who:

  • can communicate effectively
  • is well informed of Association activities
  • is aware of the future directions and plans of Members
  • has a good working knowledge of the Constitution, Regulations including the Ride Rules and the duties of all National Committee members and National Position holders and committees
  • is a supportive leader for all Association Members.
Vice President

The role of the Vice President is to shadow the President in providing leadership and responsibility for the organisation and the Committee and to step into the President’s roles where needed. It is often considered that the Vice President will succeed the President and that this role is in preparation.

Desirable Attributes:

The Vice President should:

  • be well informed of all organisation activities and able to provide oversight
  • be a person who can develop good relationships internally and externally
  • be willing to step in for the President where needed including chairing meetings
  • be forward-thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of the Club
  • have a good working knowledge of the Committee Constitution, rules and duties of office bearers
  • be able to work collaboratively with other Committee Members
  • be a good listener and attuned to the interests of members and other interest groups
  • be a good role model and a positive image for the Club in representing the Committee in other forums
  • be a competent public speaker
  • be able to raise concerns with the President where they arise

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  1. In the event of the President being unable to fulfil his/her duties to step into that role
  2. In the absence of the President, chair Committee meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  3. Be an alternate signatory for the Club for legal purposes and financial purposes
  4. Assist the President in deciding which matters are dealt with by the National Committee and delegated to Committees
  5. Coordinate Club planning to ensure appropriate plans are developed, presented to and reviewed by the Committee, and enacted as required
  6. Represent the Club at meetings and forums as agreed upon by the President
  7. Other duties as nominated by the President and/or Committee

Position Description

As a not-for-profit incorporated association, the financial assets of the Club belong to the Members. The National Treasurer’s role is to ensure the effective management of the Members’ funds.
The role of the National Treasurer is to record all transactions efficiently and effectively and to provide information to the National Committee on the transactions made and financial assets employed.
The National Committee will make decisions consistent with the purposes of the Association. The National Treasurer will ensure that such decisions do not expose the Association to undue financial risk.
The National Treasurer will prepare budgets to assist the National Committee in planning the activities of the Association and will report progress against those budgets.
The National Treasurer will report annually to all members of the Club, demonstrating that the affairs of the Club have been managed for the benefit of all Members.

Responsibilities and Duties

The National Treasurer is required to:

  • ensure that adequate accounts and records exist regarding the Club’s financial transactions at the National level, including accurate and up-to-date records of all income and expenditure;
  • prepare a National budget for approval by the National Committee, and monitor progress against the budget;
  • provide advice on the financial implications of National Committee decisions;
  • deal with membership financial queries in a timely and effective manner;
  • issue invoices and promptly deposit all monies received in the Club’s bank account;
  • make all approved payments;
  • liaise with the regional Treasurers, ensuring that Regions operate financially in a manner consistent with the direction of the National Committee;
  • liaise with other position holders as necessary in respect of financial matters to ensure that they are able to perform their roles effectively (i.e. membership, clothing, stores, awards);
  • manage and act as the primary signatory to the organisation’s bank accounts, cheque accounts, investments and loan facilities (with at least the President or one other National Committee member as agreed);.
  • manage the Club’s cash flow, including the placement of funds surplus to immediate requirements on interest-bearing deposit;
  • prepare and present regular financial statements to the National Committee, making sure they are understood;
  • regularly file Business Activity Statements (including GST) with the relevant authorities, where applicable;
  • prepare financial accounts (compliant with Corporate Affairs requirements ) for an annual audit, and provide the auditor with information as required; and
  • prepare and present Treasurer’s annual financial report at the Annual General Meeting

Knowledge and skills required

The Treasurer must be organised and financially responsible.
Professional skills in either Finance or Accounting are desirable.
The ability to communicate financial implications in clear language is important when dealing with a diverse National Committee, other Club position holders, and Members.
The records maintained and the procedures developed must be easily transferable.


Position Description

The Secretary works closely with the President and is the main administrative officer of Audax Australia Cycling Club. The Secretary provides the coordinating link between Club Members, the National Committee, National Position holders and outside agencies.

The Secretary’s responsibilities are defined by legislation including the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) and the Club’s Constitution. 

Responsibilities and Duties

The Secretary should:

  • Manage the administration of National Committee and Club General Meetings in consultation with the President, including:
    • Prepare the agenda
    • Make arrangements for venue, date, times and hospitality for such meetings
    • Send adequate notice of the meetings
    • Collect and collate reports from National Committee Members and National Position Holders
    • Call for and receive nominations for National Committee positions for the Club AGM
    • Take the minutes of National Committees and Club Annual and General meetings
    • Write up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting
  • Maintain: o Club’s Membership Register of ordinary and life members
    • Club’s Accident Report Book (as required by our insurers)
    • files of legal documents such as the Constitution and all Regulations (including Regulations, Annexure and Ride Rules)
  • Act as the Public Officer, liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies; including:
    • Providing the Annual Return to Consumer Affairs Victoria
    • Updating the Register of Directors with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)
    • Read, coordinate replies and file correspondence promptly
    • Respond to general duties as required by the National Committee.

Knowledge and skills required

Knowledge and Skills Required Ideally the Secretary is someone who:

  • Is alert to the legal and Constitutional requirements of the Club
  • Can communicate effectively
  • Methodical, well-organised and can delegate tasks
  • Can maintain confidentiality and impartiality on relevant matters
  • Is persistent
Compliance Calendar – Planning the Administrative Year

Immediately After AGM

30 Days After AGM

  • Attend to Statutory obligations:
    • Provide Annual Return to Consumer Affairs Victoria
    • Update Secretary, Treasurer and President in Relationship Authorisation Manager
    • Update Directors (committee members) in Australian Business Register
    • Update Directors (committee members) with ASIC through lodging ASIC Form 490. Provide the following information for new Committee members:
      • Full name
      • Address
      • Date of birth
      • Place of birth
      • Details of any name changes (When newly appointed, the Secretary will have to ask a continuing member of the Committee to sign the form.)
  • Write up the Minutes of the AGM. This is the easiest meeting of the year as most of the minutes will consist of the President’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report.
  • In conjunction with the President and all other National Committee members, schedule meetings for the rest of the year.

Throughout The Year

  • Updates to ASIC form 490 (as above). Any changes that are a result of Regional AGMs will need to be notified to ASIC
    NOTE If you are late (more than 30 days after the change) ASIC will fine the Club
  • Remind State Representatives that minutes of Regional AGM and other meetings must be lodged with Secretary
  • Organise National Committee meetings
  • Remind National Committee members to submit reports for circulation before the meeting
  • The Agenda and committee papers should be circulated at least 7 days before the scheduled date of the meeting.
  • Take the minutes of National Committees meetings, noting attendance and apologies and identifying key decisions and action items. For important motions include the names of both the mover and seconder. For minor motions, use a simple statement such as: “It was resolved that …”, “It was agreed that …”, or “The NC resolved to …”. Avoid recording expressions of a general nature that will bind future meetings and ensure when recording motions, particularly difficult ones, that you understand them fully.
  • Settle draft Minutes with the President and circulate to NC members asap after a meeting. Circulate these with a list of action items and responsible Committee Members
  • Use the National Committee email group for all communication

Prior to AGM

  • The Constitution determines the process for issuing notices/setting the agenda/ calling for National Committee position nominations. The Guide for Public Officers and Secretaries of Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981 can also be used as a reference.
    • 45 days before AGM: Add the AGM to the Audax Calendar and send a notice to all members
    • 30 days before AGM: Elected Member nominations must be received by the Secretary
    • 20 days before AGM: If required, voting information for Elected Member positions is distributed to members
  • Other information needed for the AGM:
    • List of recipients of Outstanding Member Awards. Ensure that Regional Presidents/ State Representatives have this done well before the AGM.Recipients of Riding Awards. An announcement will be made for Riding Awards, so you will need to obtain the lists from the Awards Secretary.
    • If necessary, organise voting for Committee members and Office bearers.
    • Keep the President informed of any matter which may assist or invalidate proceedings
    • Ask the President to provide the text of their report for incorporation into the Minutes
    • Material to have available at the AGM
      • Minutes of previous AGM
      • Financial reports
      • Attendance sheets for members to sign
      • If necessary, ballot forms and candidate statements, returning officers for ballots.
The 10 Secretarial Commandments

Thou shall:

  1. prepare an agenda, with your President, for every meeting.
  2. make sure National Committee members are aware of the time and place of the meeting and ensure the President starts on time.
  3. not read the minutes of the last meeting in full (unless members require it).
  4. not attempt to take detailed notes of discussions.
  5. record all resolutions taken exactly as passed by the Members and ask the President to repeat the words of the motion if you are unsure.
  6. ensure that you record the names of the people responsible for following up on a resolution since failure to do so will result in you, the Secretary, doing everything!
  7. not volunteer. Nominate Committee members to assist. That’s what they’re there for.
  8. not become too involved in the debated discussion. If you feel you want to have close involvement in a topic, ask for someone else to take the minutes for that item.
  9. encourage members to put in written (even hand-written) reports to cut the waffle and help you in your duties.
  10. remember that all National Committee members, especially the Secretary, must help the President run a friendly, fair and effective meeting.
Committee Members (4)

Position Description

Elected Members participate in the National Committee in their own rights, bringing their respective expertise and experience to the assistance of the Association.

Responsibilities and Duties

Each Elected Member is expected to participate in discussion and decision-making by the National Committee.

As the success of the National Committee depends on the contributions made by each of its members, Elected Members are also expected to contribute to policy development, implementation and administration of the Club’s national affairs, through both active participation in meetings and progressing work priorities inter-sessional.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally Elected Members are people who:

  • can communicate effectively
  • are able to bring their respective expertise and experience to the Association’s benefit
  • are well informed of Association and Member activities at both a National and Regional level
  • are active contributors to the National Committee business for the benefit of all Association Members.
Regional Representatives (7)

Position Description

The Regional Representative represents the members of the Regional Committees of their respective Regions on the National Committee.

Responsibilities and Duties

Through their appointment by the Regional Committee, each Regional Representative represents the views and interests of Regional Committees in the relevant Region in discussion and decision-making by the National Committee.

The Regional Representatives should:

  • Attend all National Committee meetings.
  • Review the agenda and accompanying materials prior to attending the meeting.
  • Consult their Regional Committee on its views on agenda items to bring to the National Committee meeting.
  • Actively and constructively contribute to National Committee papers circulated by its Members – eg Budget, policy, operational etc – providing input that is helpful, measured, relevant and timely.
  • Actively and constructively contribute to National Committee discussion – determining the purpose of the discussion; deciding in advance how and what to contribute; keeping replies relevant and concise; and not hesitating to comment, critique or disagree.
  • Volunteer to carry out identified tasks inter-sessionally, either in a subgroup or individually.
  • Further those tasks in a timely fashion and report back to the National Committee on progress and when further guidance or consultation is appropriate.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally, Regional Representatives are people who:

  • can communicate effectively
  • are able to represent the views of their Regional Committees, not simply their personal preferences
  • are well-informed of Association and Member activities in their respective Regions
  • are active contributors to the National Committee business for the benefit of all Association Members.

National Support Roles are held at a national level to provide services to all regions. Holders of these roles are not necessarily on the National Committee.

International Brevet Secretary

Position Description

The International Brevet Secretary works closely with the Regional Brevet Secretaries and the ACP (Audax Club Parisien) and LRM (Les Randonneurs Mondiax) correspondents to effectively homologate all BRM, LRM and Fleche rides.

Responsibilities and Duties

The International Brevet Secretary is the ACP, LRM and UAF Representative.

  • correspond with ACP, LRM and UAF as stated in Chapter IV Article 9 of the ACP Partnership Agreement,
  • liaise with the National Calendar Coordinator to ensure the calendar is suitable to deliver to ACP, LRM and UAF within agreed timelines,
  • liaise with the Regional Calendar Coordinators to ensure rides are suitable for processing by ACP, LRM and UAF within agreed timelines,
  • homologate rides for ACP, LRM and UAF within agreed timelines,

Knowledge and skills required

Ideally, the International Brevet Secretary is someone who:

  • is well-informed on the ride processes
  • is methodical and well organised
  • is experience with Excel is essential
  • can communicate effectively and keeps tabs on the events within the region
  • has the ability to communicate in written French is desirable
National Calendar Coordinator

Position Description

The National Calendar Coordinator works closely with the Region’s Calendar Coordinators to:

  • Support and assist the regions in preparing their annual ride calendars
  • Champion compliance of Regional annual ride calendars with Audax policies, rules and guidelines
  • promote consistency across regions and continuous improvement in Calendar related practices
  • Maintain the Feature Rides web pages

Responsibilities and Duties

The National Calendar Coordinator ensures that the:

  • calendar events comply with the Ride Rules,
  • Calendar events align with Calendar Guidelines,
  • Calendar events are distributed evenly and appropriately throughout the calendar year,
  • calendars are published in a timely manner,
  • liaise with the International Secretary to ensure the calendar is suitable to deliver to ACP, LRM and UAF within agreed timelines,
  • Regional Calendar Coordinators are appropriately skilled,
  • and improvements in the calendar-related processes are identified and forwarded to Ride Services.

The National Calendar Coordinator reports to the Ride Services Committee.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally, the Regional Calendar Coordinator is someone who:

  • is well-informed on the ride processes
  • is systematic and well-organised
  • can communicate effectively and keep tabs on the events across regions
Award Secretary

Position Description

The Award Secretary manages Audax Australia and select International awards:

  • process and manage the Audax Awards service
  • promote, comply with and contribute to the upkeep of the Audax Awards Policy
  • Support and assist members with Audax Awards
  • Support and assist regions with Audax Awards

Responsibilities and Duties

The Award Secretary ensures that:

  • The Audax Award service complies with the Audax Award Policy,
  • The Audax Awards are processed in a timely manner,
  • Members and regions are provided with adequate information on policies and services,
  • and improvements in the award processes and policy are identified and forwarded to the National Committee.

The Award Secretary reports to the National Committee.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally, the Award Secretary is someone who:

  • is well-informed on the ride processes
  • is systematic and well-organised
  • can communicate effectively and keep tabs on the events across regions
Membership Secretary

Support new members in joining Audax Australia and existing members in renewing their membership

Stores Officer
  • Manage and maintain inventory of the ride medallions
  • Coordinate with Regions to maintain optimum inventory levels
Shop Manager
  • Manage the online Audax Shop

National Responsibilities are held at a national level to provide services to all regions and members. Holders of these responsibilities are not necessarily on the National Committee.



Award Secretary


Provide medallions and awards upon request and appropriate approval, including:

  • Ride Medallions
  • Australian Achievement Awards
  • International Achievement Awards

Processes, Methods and Tools

  • Audax Australia Awards Policy
  • Medallion requests and approvals are managed in the Audax Ride Management application
  • Awards requests and approvals are managed in the Audax Ride Management application




The National Committee will ensure that:

  • A suitably qualified person is recruited to the role of Treasurer
  • Adequate support is established as needed
  • A budget is available to maintain financial software and services as needed
  • An approved budget for the year is determined and that expenditure is within budget
  • Sufficient income is available to meet the budget requirements
  • All funding agreements are adhered to and acquitted as required
  • Financial management reports are produced and presented to the Committee Meetings
  • All legal and taxation requirements are attended to and delivered on time
  • An audit is completed as necessary in accordance with the Associations Incorporations Act
  • Decisions regarding investment are resolved by the Committee

Processes, Methods and Tools

IT Services

Information Technology Services


IT Services Committee


Provide the following IT services:

Audax Website

Audax website:

Ride Management Application

The Ride Management Application provides:

  • Membership Management
  • Calendar Event Management
  • Permanent Ride Management
  • Ride Voucher Management
  • Award Management
  • Ride History
Collaboration Tools (Email, File Storage, Instant Messaging)

Google G Suite collaboration tools are offered to all Audax National and Regional Committee members.

Google G Suite

Google provide G Suite at no cost to not-for-profit organisations including Audax Australia.

The current services supported by Audax include:


Team Drive
(Shared File Storage)

(Instant Messaging)


G Suite Training

G Suite training is available for all users

Voice Conferencing

Zoom is available to the Audax National Committee and the Regions.

A Zoom account has been created for voice and video conferencing.
Zoom has been purchased for National Committee meetings, regional meetings, AGMs, club nights and other Audax-related activities.

Attendees can access by:

  • using their phone
  • creating a free account in Zoom and using it,

Audax has only one paid Zoom account, hence only one Zoom calendar is shared by National and all Regions.

Larger regions may also require a Jabra Speak 710 UC speaker phone or a Jabra Speak 510 UC speaker phone for smaller regions.

Social Media
Route Planning Service (RideWithGPS)

RideWithGPS has been selected as Audax Australia’s Route Planning Service. A Club Account has been subscribed to by Audax Australia. All Audax Australia members can create a (free or paid) RideWithGPS account and join the Audax Australia Cycling Club Account.

All Audax Australia members should:

Ride Organisers should:

Mail Blast

Newsletter Mail Blast services are used to:

  1. Send regional Newsletters to subscribed members
  2. Each month send Upcoming Rides Newsletters to subscribed members
  3. send ad-hoc Newsletters to selected members.
IT Operations

IT Operations are based on ITSM/ITIL to support the services to End Users, including:

  • Service Desk (Support)
  • Continuity (Backup and Recovery)
  • Security
  • etc

ITIL Reference:

Technical Services

Technical Services are required by IT Administrators to deliver services to End Users.
Typically these services are not seen by End Users.

  • Domain Registration
  • DNS
  • Certificates
  • Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • etc.

Refer to Technical Services.docx in the IT folder of Audax’s Team Drive for more information regarding Technical Services.





Key Insurance people, information and processes

  • Determine insurance requirements
  • Select insurance policy and provider
  • Manage relationship with insurance provider
  • Manage insurance processes

Processes, Methods and Tools

Media and Communication Services


Media and Communications Committee


Key Media and Communications people, information and processes

Processes, Methods and Tools





Ensure Audax Australia is compliant with all necessary regulations including:

Compliance people, information and processes

Processes, Methods and Tools

Refer to Secretary in National Committee Roles


Ride Services


Ride Services Committee


The management of rides is the responsibility of Regions
The objective of Ride Services is to provide resources, processes and tools to support these rides
Ride Services is a committee that reports to the National Committee

Ride Services responsibilities include:

  • Develop, support and maintain Ride Management procedures
  • Liaison with relevant international cycling clubs including:
    • Audax Club Parisian (ACP),
    • Les Randonneur Mondiaux (LRM) and
    • Union des Audax Francais (UAF)
  • Support:
    • Ride Organisers
    • Calendar Coordinators
    • Brevet Secretaries
  • Develop and maintain relevant content in this Audax Australia website
  • Provide direction to ensure IT services align with ride processes and user expectations

Processes, Methods and Tools

Risk and Safety


Risk and Safety Committee


Key Risk and Safety people, information and processes

  • Provide a safe and healthy sporting club environment for riders, volunteers and officials
  • Encourage everyone to take a role in accident/incident prevention

Processes, Methods and Tools