Knowledge Base

Events – During the Event

Ride Organiser Procedures – On the Day of the Ride

Brevet Cards and Briefing

Prior to the Event Start Time, the Ride Organiser should:

  1. Distribute the Brevet Cards to riders.
    To avoid damage from perspiration, etc the Brevet Card should be distributed inside a resealable plastic bag
  2. Brief the riders covering as appropriate:
    • Weather Conditions
    • Risk and Safety
    • Food and Drink
    • Course Briefing
    • Contacts
    • After the Ride
  3. Assist riders who are new to Audax.
    If practical ask experienced riders to guide them at the controls and at the end of the ride
On-the-Day Registrations

On-the-Day Registrations can only be accepted online

The Ride Organiser has the discretion to accept or not accept on-the-day registrations.

To allow on-the-day entries, change the Registration Close Date-Time to match the Event Start Date-Time.  Registrations can then occur online (via mobile phone) up until the start of the ride.

Note: allowing on-the-day registrations requires additional brevet cards and route sheets to cover the additional registrations.

Changing Ride Distance

A rider may want to change their nominated ride distance (eg. from 200 km to 100 km) prior to commencing the ride.  This may be done at the discretion of the Ride Organiser provided there are enough brevet cards/route sheets for the new distance (or the existing brevet card can be amended).

Online updates to reflect this change can be undertaken upon request or after the ride is completed:

  • If the new ride distance has the same ride fee (eg. both $10), an online update is possible
  • If the new ride distance has a lesser ride fee (eg. $10 instead of $20), a refund will occur as part of the update
  • If the new ride distance has a greater ride fee (eg. $20 instead of $10), the RO needs to cancel the old registration (Cancel: Full Refund) before the start and the rider is to re-register again for the new distance

A rider may not change their ride distance upon commencing the ride.

Major Incidents

If a major incident occurs:

  1. Contact emergency services Police/Fire/Ambulance: 000.
  2. When time permits, inform and the Regional President.
  3. An injured rider should always be transported by ambulance.