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Last Modified: 12/12/2022

Ride Organiser Procedures – On the Day of the Ride

On the Day Registrations

On the Day Registrations can only be accepted online.  Manual on the day entries will not be processed.

  • Registrations can only be accepted online.  Manual on the day entries will not be processed.  Online registration can be left open or reopened until the start of a ride to allow for late entries (eg. via mobile phone) at the RO’s discretion.  As RO you will have Edit access to the registration entry:
  • If you want to allow on the day entries, change the Registration Close Date to match the Event Start Date.  Riders can then enter online (eg. via mobile phone) up until the start of the ride.  Be aware that allowing on the day entries means you need enough brevet cards and route sheets to cover the walk up entries.

Changing Ride Distance (Day of Ride)

A rider may want to change their nominated ride distance (eg. from 200 km to 100 km) on the day of a ride (or before).  This may be done at the discretion of the RO eg. provided there are enough brevet cards/route sheets for the new distance (or the existing brevet card can be amended).  No on the day action has to be taken in the online registration system, however:

  • If the new ride distance has a lesser ride fee (eg. $10 instead of $20), a refund may be applicable after the ride
  • If the new ride distance has a greater ride fee (eg. $20 instead of $10), the RO needs to either collect the difference from the rider in cash, or cancel the old entry via the Ride Organisers Refund Rider Full: DNS Withdrew before start option and get the rider to register again for the new distance

Pre-Ride Instructions (Day of Ride)

Verbally cover the content in the Pre-Ride Instructions Email that was sent before the
ride. This should include:

  • outline the controls and other food and water sources on the route
  • advise of any hazards or risks such as plank bridges, rail tracks, etc
  • remind riders to SMS or in other ways indicate to you if they withdraw from the ride

Major Incidents

In the event of a major incident:

  1. Contact emergency services Police/Fire/Ambulance: 000.
  2. When time permits, inform the Audax Australia president.
  3. An injured rider should always be transported by ambulance.

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