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Events – Before the Event

Ride Organiser Procedures – Before the Event

6 Weeks Before the Event

Open Event

Opening an Event allows Event Registrations to occur.

An Event should be Opened around 6 weeks before the Start Date, or earlier for larger Events.
Prior to Opening an Event confirm:

  • the GPS routes are correct and complete. Refer to: Building a Route
  • there is nothing significant impacting the area (flooding, major roadworks, etc)
  • any support is organised (volunteers, accommodation, food, etc)

To Open an Event:

  1. Goto Manage Events
  2. Select and then Edit Event
  3. Click Open Event
  4. Then Save
2-3 Days Before the Event

Check Weather Conditions and Hazards

Check Road Conditions

  • If available, check for roadworks or other changes in road conditions through relevant government channels before rides are held. Another option is to drive or cycle the route before the ride.
  • Where poor road conditions are found, re-route to better roads where practical. Where poor road conditions remain brief riders before the ride as to the nature and location of the hazard.

Send an Email to Riders

It is beneficial to email riders prior to the Event to let them know about conditions and processes including:

  • Weather Conditions
  • Parking
  • Risk and Safety
  • Food and Drink
  • Course Briefing
  • Contacts
  • After the Ride

To Send an Email to Riders:

  1. Goto Manage Events
  2. Select and then Manage Event Registration
  3. Click Email to Riders
  4. A template has been provided as a suggestion. Edit it as you see appropriate.
  5. Send the email
1-2 Days Before the Event

Event Registration Close Date

Event Registrations are typically set to close 2 days before the Event Start Date.
The Ride Organiser can change this Registration Close Date at their discretion. This often occurs if accommodating late registrations

Email List of Registrations

One day before the event and on the morning of the event the Ride Organiser will receive an email with the list of registrations.
This list is intended to be used if the Ride Organiser needs to contact the rider or emergency contact.

Print Brevet Cards

To print the Brevet Cards:

  1. Goto Manage Events
  2. Select and then Manage Event Registration
  3. Click Print Brevet Cards
  4. Click Print to produce a PDF file
  5. Set up a printer with A4 paper, print on 1-side only and print the PDF file.
Event Cancellation or Postponement

The Ride Organiser has the backing of Audax Australia to cancel or postpone an Event in consultation with the regional Calendar Coordinator if conditions are unsafe, or for other unavoidable personal reasons.  Refer to the Audax Australia Safety Rules.

  1. If an Event is cancelled, issue a full refund to any riders that have entered and inform the regional Brevet Secretary.
  2. A BRM Event may be postponed up to 2 weeks without having to inform ACP.  It will be homologated as if ridden on the original date.  Issue a full refund to any riders that are unable to attend the revised Event date and inform the regional Brevet Secretary.
  3. Moving a BRM Event beyond 2 weeks requires approval from ACP.  To do this, contact the International Brevet Secretary at
  4. Audax Australia homologated Events can be moved anytime at the discretion of the regional Calendar Coordinator.