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Last Modified: 12/12/2022

Ride Organiser Procedures – After the Ride

Accident Reporting

  • Inform If the injured rider thinks they’ll be lodging an insurance claim they should commence that using the insurance process. 
  • Accidents must also be reported to the national and regional committees for safety reporting at their respective committee meetings.

Processing Refunds

All refunds must be completed within 21 days after a ride.  If you don’t do refunds within this time period, it causes extra work for the regional treasurer who then has to do the refunds.

Refer Ride Organiser: Processing a Refund instructional video

Refer How do I refund a rider? in

Rules of thumb for refunds are:

  • Always refund patch/medals for DNS/DNF riders
  • DNS refunds are at the discretion of the RO eg. full refund for an unsupported ride if informed before registration close date
  • No entry fee refund for DNS if not informed before ride (except patches/medals)
  • For supported rides, partial or full refunds depending on current outlay per rider eg. food may have already been purchased

Changing Ride Distance (After Ride)

Refer FAQ: A rider has changed the distance they are riding, how do I change the distance?

You cannot change the distance in the online RORT tool.  Use the Edit Registration in the portal > Ride Organiser Menu > Edit Registration.  Choose the rider’s first name, and then change the distance and save:

  • If ride fees for the two distances are different (eg. 200 km $20, 100 km $10), check the Re-calculate Registration Fee box before saving
  • If the new ride distance has a lesser ride fee (eg. $10 instead of $20), issue a partial refund for the difference
  • If the new ride distance has a greater ride fee (eg. $20 instead of $10), you should have collected the difference on the day of the ride in cash (unless you got the rider to renter in which case you don’t need to change the ride distance).  This cash needs to be recorded in the Cash or Bank Funds Received field(s) in the online RORT and deposited to the Audax bank account (refer

Online Results Entry (even if no riders)

Refer Online RORT instructional video for ride organisers

Refer Online RORT Documentation:

  • In Expenses, it has been recommended to uncheck Treasurer Already Has Details and always enter your account details (as these may be lost with a changeover of treasurers):
  • Always process results online even if there were no riders so that the ride can be closed off.  Every ride result has to be accounted for so submitting null results saves further followup.

Return Cards to Regional Brevet Secretary

  • Return (post or in person) cards to your Regional Brevet Secretary as soon as possible after the ride.

Expenses Reimbursement

  1. Ride Organiser
    • Completes RORT/Ride report (via Finances section of Online RORT – always supply bank details)
    • Sends expense claim to state treasurer (via Online RORT generated Ride Finance Report email with scans of tax receipts attached)
  2. State Treasurer
    • Reviews expenses and approves
    • Forwards expenses with receipts to High Country Bookkeeping
  3. High Country Book Keeping
    • Receives RORT/Ride Report
    • Receives expense claim from State treasurer
    • Reconciles RORT against expense claim
    • Sets up Payment at Bank
  4. National Treasurer/President/Vice President
    • Approves Payment (payments are processed weekly)

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