Event – Planning

Last Modified: 18/04/2023


  • Calendar Coordinator is the person in the Region who organises the events and provides guidance to Ride Organisers.

Overall Responsibilities of the Ride Organiser

  • Design a safe route in RWGPS with access to services or support and get it added to the online ride calendar
  • Generate the online registration entry
  • Manage the event finances so as not to run the event at a loss. It is suggested to aim for a 10% surplus.
  • Check weather and route conditions before the ride
  • Provide pre-ride information for riders
  • Run your ride and collect brevet cards from riders
  • Report any accidents, complete refunds, process results and forward brevet cards to your Regional Brevet Secretary as soon as possible

Useful References


  • Event Proposal required by the end of August for the following season (starts 1st November)
  • Open the event for registrations at least 6 weeks before a ride
  • Please complete Validation within 21 days of a ride (a requirement of our partnership agreement with ACP)
  • Please forward Brevet cards to the regional brevet secretary as soon as possible after the event is Validated

Insurance Certificate of Currency

  • Sometimes an insurance certificate of currency is required when hiring halls or other venues for support.
    You can access the certificate at Audax Insurance > Public Liability Insurance.


  • Enjoy yourself. What you are doing is of fundamental importance to the club and you should appreciate your valuable contribution.
  • Ask for help if required. Our regional calendar coordinators and brevet secretaries are a great bunch of volunteers and only too willing to help
  • Represent the club well by being courteous and helpful to all involved.


  • Don’t take on the day manual entries, all registrations must be online.  Manual entries will not be processed.  This is for ease of administration purposes, and for legal reasons so that the rider must acknowledge the safety recommendations and accept the Terms & Conditions on entry.  Online registration can be left open until the start of a ride to allow for late entries (eg. via mobile phone) at the RO’s discretion.
  • Don’t put off processing your results, it creates more work for everyone else.
  • Please don’t add BRM rides to the calendar after it has been sent to France around the end of September as they are more difficult to be processed.

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