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“There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing choices”

the experienced randonneur

Audax often involves long hours of riding and the temperature can vary considerably during that time. In summer, the on-road temperatures are typically hotter than the maximum forecast temperature. In Spring / Autumn the evenings can be cold. In addition, wind chill, proximity to water and local conditions all impact the choice of clothing. The following are some generalised recommendations.

  • Wear layers to provide options to take off an outer layer if it gets too hot, or add another layer if it gets too cold
  • Lycra and merino wool mix are popular cloths for cycling tops.
Summer ( 20°C+ )
  • short sleeve light fabric jersey
  • bib shorts
  • cap
  • UPF 50+ sleeves
  • gilet for the cooler mornings and evenings
  • short gloves
  • socks
Spring/Autumn ( 20°C – 10°C )
  • short sleeve medium fabric jersey
  • bib shorts
  • cap
  • arm and knee warmers
  • wind jacket or gilet for the cooler mornings and evenings
  • gloves
  • socks
Winter ( 10°C – )
  • base layer
  • long sleeve jersey or jacket
  • long tights or bib shorts with leg warmers
  • cap
  • buff
  • wind/rain jacket
  • long gloves and add glove liners when colder
  • thick socks
  • shoe covers
Wet Weather
  • light rain jacket for an occasional shower
  • full rain jacket for constant rain
  • shoe covers
  • long gloves