Calendar Ride – Before the Ride

Last Modified: 21/09/2021

Calendar Entry/Registration Entry

  • Before generating a registration entry (refer, make sure the ride type (eg. BRM)/distances are correct as they can’t be amended from the registration system.  Only event Start Date, Event End Date, Registration Start Date, Cut Off Date, Price, Capacity and Short Description and Detailed Description can be edited.
  • Ride registration entries (via the Additional Payment Types option) may be set up to accept manual payments ie. no credit card is required
  • In the event that the ride type/distances are incorrect, the calendar entry must first be corrected and the registration entry regenerated.  This will overwrite any customisations to the previous registration entry.

Brevet Cards

  • About 4 to 8 weeks before the ride you should be contacted by your Regional Calendar Coordinator about receiving brevet cards. If not, email <your region> with a request for brevet cards.

Insurance Certificate of Currency

  • Sometimes an insurance certificate of currency is required when hiring halls or other venues for support.  You can access the certificate at: Audax Insurance > Public Liability Insurance.

Ride Organiser FAQ

To password protect registration eg. to allow volunteer entries or interested rider list entries first:

  1. Create the ride as per normal
  2. Navigate to the registration page and click the Edit button:
  3. Click on the Misc tab you can then enter text in the “Event Password” field shown below:
  4. Click the Save button (top right) to save the password. 5. To remove a password just delete all the text in the password field and click save.
  5. To remove a password just delete all the text in the password field and click save.

Pre-ride volunteers of supported events must still register online and pay the minimum ($6) ride entry fee (they will receive a $25 ride voucher).  This can be achieved in a number of ways (as RO you will have Edit access to the registration entry):

  1. Allow the volunteer to enter the event at full price (eg. $25) then refund the difference (ie. $19)
  2. Password Protect the registration, change the price to $6, let your volunteers enter, change the price back to the original then remove password protection
  3. Alternatively, just change the price immediately before/after a volunteer enters

To export a list of all ride registrants (useful for rider contact/emergency contact numbers) use the Export Registrants button at the bottom of the registration page:

As RO you have the backing of Audax to cancel or postpone a ride in consultation with the regional calendar coordinator if conditions are unsafe, or for other unavoidable personal reasons.  Refer to the Audax Australia Safety Rules.

  1. If a ride is cancelled, issue a full refund to any riders that have entered and inform the regional brevet secretary.
  2. A BRM ride may be postponed up to 2 weeks without having to inform ACP.  It will be homologated as if ridden on the original date.  Issue a full refund to any riders that have entered and inform the regional calendar coordinator and regional brevet secretary.  New calendar and registration entries will be generated for the new ride date.
  3. To move a BRM ride beyond 2 weeks requires approval from ACP.  To do this, contact the International Brevet Secretary
  4. Audax Australia homologated rides can be moved anytime at the discretion of the regional calendar coordinator.

Prepayment of ride expenses up to $1,000 can be approved by the regional president / treasurer.  Expenses above this amount are forwarded to the national treasurer who would review in consultation with the ride organiser.  To apply for prepayment of ride expenses:

  1. Send an expenses request and sample budget or previous year expenses to the regional treasurer and president:

  2. Prepayment of invoices such as hall hire can be provided by sending the invoice and expenses request to the regional treasurer
  3. Prepaid expenses should be included in the Online RORT Finances section, but uncheck the Reimbursement Reqd box.

Weather Conditions and Hazards

Road Conditions

  • If available, check for roadworks or other changes in road conditions through relevant government channels before rides are held. Another option is to drive or cycle the route before the ride.
  • Where poor road conditions are found, re-route on to better roads where practical. Where poor road conditions remain brief riders before the ride as to the nature and location of the hazard.

After the ride entries close

  • After the ride entries close (default 2 days before the ride) download the RORT (Ride Organisers Reporting Tool). Access this from the Portal: Ride Organisers > RORT Creator. This is an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The tab “Brevet Report” has a list of all riders currently planning to do the ride including their contact details and emergency contacts. This is useful to print out and take with you on the ride in case of emergencies.
  • The tabs “Brevet Card Inside” and “Brevet Card Outside” are setup for printing all data on the brevet card – can save some time instead of hand writing the inside and outside of the brevet cards.

Pre-Ride Instructions Emails (Before Ride)

  • The ability to email all riders is available via the Audax portal Ride Organisers Email Riders option (refer 
    • It is beneficial to email riders in advance to let them know about road conditions, services etc. 
    • New riders may need to be advised of Audax etiquette – get your brevet card filled in at controls and return it to the RO at the end! 
    • Remind riders that if returning cards by post, they must be received by the RO within 2 weeks of a ride otherwise a DNF is recorded. 
  • Emails can also be used as a reminder of safety requirements:
    • While Audax Australia no longer conducts lighting checks, riders are bound to obey the Australian Road Bicycle Lighting Rules and are advised to follow additional recommendations regarding secondary lighting and reflective vest options Audax Australia Safety Rules.  A reminder also that riders observed not to be obeying bicycle lighting laws will be disqualified.
    • If a ride can potentially finish after dark, it is advisable to remind riders that if finishing after sunset at hh:mm PM or during periods of low visibility, they will require lights

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