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Brevet Cards and Homologation

Brevet translates to “patent” in Google, but perhaps a better word is “certificate” in an official sense. Homologation is more ephemeral. “Validation”, “officially ratified” or “blessing from Paris” would give you the gist. In any case, homologated is what you want your brevet to eventually be after you have completed a ride.

As stated in the Audax Australia Ride Rules, you must carry your brevet card with you on the ride. No one else can do it for you. It needs to be signed at every checkpoint with the time, as stated in the rules, by “a shopkeeper, local resident, passer-by or another disinterested person.” Or, if unavailable, by “another rider taking part in the ride”.

That is the mission.

Brevet Card

Prior to the ride:

  • For calendar rides, a brevet card is provided to riders by the Ride Organiser, typically just prior to commencing the ride.
  • For permanent rides the brevet card is emailed to you and it is your responsibility to print a copy of it prior to the ride.

During the ride, ensure the time and a signature or stamp are completed at each checkpoint.

Upon completion of a calendar ride hand the brevet card to the Ride Organiser or mail it to them.
For Permanent rides, a scanned copy of the brevet can be uploaded to Rides > My Rides.


Upon completion of the ride, the Ride Organiser will arrange for the rides to be Homologated, i.e. officially ratified.