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Bike Maintenance

Long-distance bike rides wear out bikes. Your bike will require maintenance; if not by you, then by your LBS (local bike shop). Expect (optimistically) to get 7,000 k from a chain and 5,000 k from tyres, but this depends very much on the type of your tyres and the riding conditions.

At a minimum, before a ride, you should be prepared to:

  • Chain: Keep your drive-chain clean. Wipe it down and lubricate. Dirty grease is an abrasive wearing out your expensive components.
  • Tyres: Inspect your tyres carefully for embedded glass. Many punctures are preventable by picking out these problems.
  • Brakes: Cables, pads, adjustment. It is quick to check and too easy to just take for granted.
  • Batteries: Di2, GPS, lights… they all work great when they are charged.

Carry essential spares and tools


  • a good pump capable of achieving 100 psi
  • 2 spare inner tubes
  • puncture repair kit
  • tyre levers
  • multi-tool
  • selection of cable ties

Clean your bike before any ride

When cleaning the bike, check for damage or wear and replace any item before it expires in the middle of nowhere.