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Northern Nouveau Series


Northern Nouveau Series

Ride the NORTHERN NOUVEAU SERIES (300+ km) in one weekend!

  • Friday 22 October (6 pm): 50 km
  • Saturday 23 October (8 am): 160 km
  • Sunday 24 October (9 am): 100 km

You can choose to ride one, two, or all three events.

Ride Series Overview

Nouveau Une – 50 km

Start our Northern Nouveau Series, based out of Hadspen, Tasmania, with the Nouveau Une on Friday evening. The Nouveau Une is a quick 50 km jaunt to Westbury and then an amble back to Hadspen on quiet country roads.
With a time limit range of 1 hour 40 min and 3 hours 20 min, you can choose to complete the ride quickly or take it at a more relaxed pace.

** NOTE: Lights and reflective gear may required as this ride could end after dark.**

Nouveau Trois – 160 km

The Nouveau Trois is the longest of the three rides and will be held on Saturday to give you the time to complete the ride and get a little rest before the final event on Sunday. On this event, riders take in a bit of climbing on the way to Deloraine, and beyond, and then loop back to Hadspen on the multitude of quiet roads this area has to offer.
Keep in mind that your speed will need to be between 15 and 30 km/h including all breaks.

** NOTE: Lights and reflective gear may required as this ride could end after dark.**

Nouveau Deux – 100 km

The Nouveau Deux is the mid-length of the three rides to finish the Audax year and will be held on Sunday to wrap up the easiest Audax award, the Nouveau Randonneur, and give you time to get home. The Nouveau Deux is a 100 km ride travelling south from Hadspen with a loop westward up and around back to Hadspen again.
Even at the minimum speed of 15 km/h, you will still finish this event by 3:40 p.m.

Nouveau Award

These rides are a good introduction to Audax and a good chance to get ready for the new season. They also qualify riders for the Audax Australia Nouveau Randonneur Award.


Since part of two of our rides may take place after dark, you will need good lights and reflective gear to comply with Australian Road Rules.  

As these are early spring rides, we can almost guarantee that the weather could be chilly, and there may be rain. Choose your clothing wisely!  See the Weather page for further details of expected weather in October.

  • You should make sure that you’re equipped with clothing for a variety of weather conditions – weather can be highly variable and change rapidly. See the Bureau of Meteorology for further details of expected weather.
  • Remember the old adage – “There’s no  such thing as poor weather; only poor clothing choice.”

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the equipment you need.


The Hadspen Discovery Holiday Park has cabin and camping options. It is conveniently located right at the start/finish point.

There are other accommodation options in Longford and Launceston as well.