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Celebrate 100 years of BRM rides and 40 years of Audax Australia

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ACP BRM 200 Centenary Medal

On Sunday, September 11, 1921, the Audax Club Parisien held its first free-pace brevet (BRM) on a 200 km loop that went from Paris-Dreux-Chartres-Paris. Twenty-six randonneurs and randonneuses earned their brevet that day.

Keep 11 September 2021 free to celebrate the 100th anniversary of BRM brevets!

There are 200km rides available across Australia, and all riders completing the 200km distance receiving a special French medal as part of the entry fee.

But wait, there’s more!

There will also be a GT Series in Wangaratta commencing 11 September 2021 to celebrate Audax Australia’s 40th anniversary.

Stay tuned for more details, also check out the Audax calendar for more information and the location of rides in your region.

Event IDRegionCentenary Event NameDate
8604ACTCentenary of the BRM 200 – Canberra11/09/2021
8726NSWCentenary of the BRM 200 – Sydney11/09/2021
9010QLDCentenary of the BRM 200 – FNQ11/09/2021
8529QLDCentenary of the BRM 200 – Brisbane11/09/2021
8827SA / NTCentenary of the BRM 200 – Adelaide11/09/2021
8736TASCentenary of the BRM 200 – Hobart11/09/2021
8842VICCentenary of the BRM 200 – Melbourne11/09/2021
8801VICCentenary of the BRM 200 – Ballarat11/09/2021
8745VICCentenary of the BRM 200 – Albury Wangaratta11/09/2021
8740WACentenary of the BRM 200 – Perth11/09/2021
Table of Centenary Events
Event IDRegion40th Anniversary Event NameDate
8629ACTAudax 40th Anniversary 600 Canberra-Albury alternate under review8/09/2021
8926NSWAudax 40th Anniversary 600 Sydney-Albury8/09/2021
8733VICAudax 40th Anniversary 600 Melbourne-Albury8/09/2021
VICAnniversary Rides Days 1 to 7 – Albury11-17/09/2021
8896VICAnniversary GT Series 300 – Albury Wangaratta13/09/2021
8897VICAnniversary GT Series 400 – Albury Wangaratta15/09/2021
8898VICAnniversary GT Series 600 – Albury Wangaratta17/09/2021
8740WAAudax 40th Anniversary 600 Perth-Bridgetown18/09/2021
Table of 40th Anniversary Events