2020 Super Randonneur Challenge

The new Audax season starts on the 1/11 so the clock has reset on the Super Randonneur Challenge. You can now Plan for Purple by completing a 200/300/400/600 Km BRM calendar ride before October 31st 2020 and you’ll earn your rights to purchase the 2020 Purple Stripe Super Randonneur Jersey at the end of this season..

Queensland Newsletter October 17th, 2019

As the keen eyes for detail may notice, this is the first Queensland Newsletter from the new Audax Australia website. This has been a 2 year journey. Russel Noble and Thomas Price have been instrumental in implementing the new site with many others helping out with testing and providing feedback and suggestions. We are on […]

Queensland Newsletter October 3rd, 2019

Welcome to this edition of the newsletter. It is amazing how time flies between newsletters. This edition is breaking new ground as I compile it using only a smart phone and blueooth keyboard. As we kick off October many of us will have received our membership renewals. Don’t forget to renew! For all of us, […]

Audax Newsletter – Presidents Pedals (Oct 2019)

Dear Audax Members, The national committee over the last two years has been working to achieve the following changes. Renewing the web site Rewriting the ride rules Updating the constitution. Centralising and updating the financial systems the club uses Amalgamating the club’s banking to a single financial institution Introduction of the online entry system for […]

Queensland Newsletter, September 5th, 2019

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Queensland Newsletter. This edition is being prepared on my trusty 10 year old PC that has just had an upgrade to Windows 10 and like most upgrades, is slick and as fast as a new bicycle. This edition has some important information for Ride Organisers regarding temporary members, […]

Queensland Newsletter August 22nd 2019

Welcome to the PBP edition of the Queensland Newsletter. We have 10 riders entered for PBP from Queensland and with staggered starting times and different riding speeds the dot watching has been spread across the entire length of the route with Nick Booth as I start this newsletter was less than 100km from finishing and […]

Queensland Newsletter August 8th, 2019

Welcome to pre PBP edition of the Queensland Newsletter. PBP starts less than two weeks away – August 18-22. Australia has a good contingent riding this year and we wish them all well on their travels and safe riding. For further PBP reading, head to the Audax Australian page at https://www.audax.org.au/public/paris-brest-paris and for the official […]