Newsletter – March 22, 2018

In the past two weeks it’s become appreciably cooler here in Brisbane earlier in the morning with enough clear weather to convince even the least audacious to venture out on their velocipede. And so I did, and you can read about it below. I’ve also provided the most current Oppy information including where to watch […]

Newsletter – March 8, 2018

What about the weather?? It’s been insanely hot when it’s not been bucketing down making the riding a challenge. Nonetheless, the hardier folks have lined up to take on recent brevets. I’m looking forward to a cool change when I hope we might see even more people line up for rides, including myself. Don’t forget […]

Newsletter – February 28, 2018

This special AGM edition celebrates the achievements of the 2016-2017 season, reviews the year that was and looks forward to the events of 2018.

Newsletter – February 15, 2018

This edition contains lots of reading thanks to the generous submission of reports from Not the Alpine Classic and Esk by Night rides. Many thanks to the authors, I enjoy reading your recollections very much. We collectively covered a lot of gravel kilometres last year, I’ve found some gravel articles to give you food for […]

Newsletter – January 25, 2018

Sir Hubert Ferdinand Opperman was Australia’s most famous endurance cyclist. He was the Patron of Audax Australia until his death at 91 in 1996, while happily riding his exercise bike. The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial (The “Oppy”) is named after him.

Newsletter – January 11, 2018

2018 is well underway with events run and post ride drinks dispatched. Turns out it’s hot at this time of year and there is wild weather to contend with as well. Read all about that in the current ride reports. Mark enthuses about the forthcoming Oppy, offers historical insight to this venerable event and makes […]

The Oppy 1993

The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial 1993: The Record-Breaking Ride
“The Endorphins”