Newsletter – October 11, 2018

As the season rolls to an end its time to reflect on all the good times as you prepare your awards applications. Information on how to do that can now be found on the website. A further opportunity to discuss tales from the road will occur on December 15 at the year end soiree. Details […]

Newsletter – September 27, 2018

The mild Spring weather has arrived and with it the adventures of The Castaways for your reading pleasure. I suspect the Castaways crew were a little surprised to see me heading in the other direction, but I was working on my Oppy preparations for next year. Right now the inquest for Mike Hall is underway […]

Newsletter – September 13, 2018

We need your help!! Check out below and if you can help, please get in touch. No new ride reports this fortnight so I’ve taken a look back over the figurative shoulder at 2016. John explains what its like to be a new RO and I’m still waffling on about drivetrain lubrication and gearing. Enjoy […]

Newsletter – August 30, 2018

In this final newsletter for August, I note the passing of Dario Pegoretti. In other news, the significant achievements of Brian and Jeff are noted, Paul and Anthony share some technical insights, the evolution of gravel bikes is worth checking out, there is an epic ride report/photo collage, more pictures from Thomas and probably a […]

Newsletter – August 12, 2018

I’m pushing this one out a few days early on account of the Ekka holiday on Wednesday. Lots of interesting things to read this time round including some great ride reports and various tech items including bike pumps (I have a few it seems), and a report on what looks like an interesting chain lubricant.

Newsletter – July 26, 2018

Not much to report I’m afraid, but there is some reading. Don’t forget to send your ride reports and pictures here:

Newsletter – July 12, 2018

This fortnight I am pleased to be able to share some sensational rides. Please take a look, I am sure you will find a couple you really need to attend. I’ve included some interesting tech from Eurobike which is worth a look. Will it become mainstream one day? I’ve resisted making any comments about le […]

Newsletter – June 28, 2018

In a departure with tradition, this newsletter has some news (what a concept) which you can quickly check out below. I note there’s a lot of great rides coming up as well. The Rathdowney Rumble in particular look splendid. I hear it can be ridiculously cold and is definitely a good solid ride. Add it […]

Newsletter – June 14, 2018

Not much Audax news from me just now although I see plenty has been happening. Sadly I’m in work mode with little opportunity to be out and about and catching up on whats been going down. I can’t even regale you with tales of my own, although I might have some news to share in […]

Newsletter – May 24, 2018

There’s been some cracking rides the past few weeks. In particular the FNQ 600 which provided entertainment for days for the 4 hardy souls who signed up. You can read more about that below. I attempted the Bedrock and maintained my 100% fail rate. Leonie Lucas tackled the BVRT and of course the Fassifern Folly […]