Audax 2021 AGM, Election & Awards

On 9 February 2021, the Audax Australia Annual General Meeting was held in various locations and utilised teleconference facilities. The following is a summary of the AGM.

It has been a challenging year with droughts, bushfires and a pandemic, the club with its voluntary management and strong balance sheet has been able to weather the storm with a relatively small deficit for the year and no serious impact. This is a credit to the many people who have contributed an enormous amount of time and energy over many years. Over the last year, there has also been a rationalisation of the club regulations and rules.


The reason many attend the AGM is the awards, and this year a Lifetime Membership was presented to Peter Heal. Lifetime Membership is the highest honour the club can award and reflects a commitment to all aspects of the club: riding, ride organising, volunteering, and holding positions at regional and national levels. The club is proud and honoured to present Lifetime Membership to Peter. The nomination detailing their achievements and contribution to the club can be read:

Outstanding Member was awarded to both Julie Kenworthy  and Peter Mathews for their continued dedication to the club.

Riding awards presented include:






Nominations for positions on the National Committee were sought.
The following members nominated and were elected unopposed:

General Member positions are held by:

The remaining 7 members of the National Committee are the State Representatives (not necessarily Regional Presidents). These may change with region elections, and are currently:

I’d like to pass on my thanks to the outgoing National Committee for their work throughout the year. Also thanks to the State Representatives on the National Committee for contributing to the club and assisting to shape the clubs future.

Thomas Price
President, Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc.