Martin Pearson Memorial Trophy

A key part of the Queensland AGM is the presentation of the annual awards including the Martin Pearson Memorial Trophy, presented by Sandy Vigar. This year’s Queensland AGM also had guest speakers from the Queensland Police Force who investigated the circumstances of Martins death and provided a lot of insight for the attendees regarding the […]

Queensland Newsletter December 12th, 2019

Summer has certainly arrived with last Saturday’s temperatures reaching 40 degrees in areas of Brisbane. As we approach Christmas we should all take care in the heat and keep hydrated. All of my non Audax cycling friends stayed inside on the day. We Randonneurs are a hardy bunch. Newsworthy Bits Extreme heat policy for rides […]

Queensland Newsletter November 28th 2019

Welcome to the late November edition of the newsletter. As we start embarking on our summer season of riding we all need to take care to remain hydrated on our rides. This edition has our usual line-up of reports and information and especially for this edition, some novel problem solving that will make you wish […]

Queensland Newsletter November 14th 2019

Welcome to the first newsletter of the new Audax season. This edition has something not really missing, some great news and our usual roundup of ride related information NEWS (of our world) Brisbane Valley Rail Trail permit is now live Many thanks to Tara, Peter and Brian for making this happen. PJ has now updated […]

Queensland Newsletter October 17th, 2019

As the keen eyes for detail may notice, this is the first Queensland Newsletter from the new Audax Australia website. This has been a 2 year journey. Russel Noble and Thomas Price have been instrumental in implementing the new site with many others helping out with testing and providing feedback and suggestions. We are on […]

Queensland Newsletter October 3rd, 2019

Welcome to this edition of the newsletter. It is amazing how time flies between newsletters. This edition is breaking new ground as I compile it using only a smart phone and blueooth keyboard. As we kick off October many of us will have received our membership renewals. Don’t forget to renew! For all of us, […]

Queensland Newsletter, September 5th, 2019

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Queensland Newsletter. This edition is being prepared on my trusty 10 year old PC that has just had an upgrade to Windows 10 and like most upgrades, is slick and as fast as a new bicycle. This edition has some important information for Ride Organisers regarding temporary members, […]