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Audax Victoria – Melbourne Metropolitan Ride Resumption

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Audax Victoria – Melbourne Metropolitan Ride Resumption

To all Audax Victoria Members,

Once again I hope you and your family are all well and coping with the challenges that COVID-19 has forced upon us.

The time has finally arrived when Melbourne residents are now allowed to travel further than 25km beyond their permanent residence. What is more, we are now allowed, and indeed encouraged by the government, to visit regional Victoria and spend some money in areas which are suffering financially not only from Covid-19 but also the bushfires which preceded the pandemic.

In light of this, the Victorian Committee has decided that both calendar rides and permanent rides throughout all of Victoria should be allowed to progress as from 10/11/2020.

All rides will be run in accordance with the prevailing Government restrictions with respect to things such as the number of riders, wearing of masks, social distancing etc. Latest details are available here:

Also please comply with the Audax framework for recommencing rides at Audax Australia Framework for Resuming Rides

Ride organisers will ultimately have the decision on whether they wish to run their rides under these conditions. If, as a ride organiser, you decide that you would rather not run your ride in the current circumstances, please cancel your ride in the online calendar as soon as possible.

Also, with the current restrictions, the end of year club function scheduled for the 22nd of November is not going to be viable. Because of this I am sorry to announce that it has been cancelled.  Not only has 2020 been a year of lost cycling opportunities, we have also missed out on a lot of the social occasions offered by the club. Hopefully, 2021 will be more amenable to our cycling and social endeavours than 2020 has been.

Please, if you haven’t already, take a look at the new year’s calendar at There is a huge number of rides available this year no matter what your orientation. Everything from 50K to 1200K, road, gravel or dirt, there is a ride for everyone. Don’t hesitate…register! Numbers are restricted in the current environment, so some might miss out, but hopefully, normality will soon return and we can all get back to riding as we once knew it.

And if permanents are your thing then take a look at Permanents Register. Something for everyone!

Again, all the best to you and your families and I hope to see you out there on a ride sometime soon.

Charlie Cooke
Victorian Regional President
Audax Australia Cycling Club