Audax Tasmania – New Season

Charlene Barach - 03/11/2022

We have a whole new year of events coming up but need to make you aware of a few details.

1. The Ranelagh Ramble 50 route has changed so that it no longer takes in the bridge which is under construction. The new route map is on the registration page.

2. The ASH Dash route has been changed so that it no longer takes in the bridge which is under construction. The finish area of the ASH Dash route has also been adjusted so that it is clear that the finish point is in the carpark north of the Whaler. Come down Murray, around onto the Castray Esplanade, and immediately left into the carpark. There will be flags and signs to indicate where we are in the carpark. The new route map is on the registration page.

3. We need VOLUNTEERS for the ASH Dash! Please send an email to indicating your interest in giving us a helping hand with this annual event.

The full list of rides, including other regions, can be found at

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Southern 300 Register
Southern 300
Distance: 300km | TAS | BRM
Lake Leake 400 (2022) Register
A 400km Supported loop up the stunning east coast past Swansea @ back down to Runnymede. Then a loop out to Oatlands & Back. Then back to Richmond & over Grass Tree Hill.
Distance: 400km | TAS | BRM
St Marys 600 (2023) Register
Up the east coast to St Helens, back to St Marys for a rest before heading down the Midlands Hwy before the traffic to Melton Mowbray, Bothwell and home
Distance: 600km | TAS | BRM
A Ram, A Lamb, A Dingdong Calendar RAID Register
A 565 km Calendar Raid from Launceston to Hobart. The time limits are 3 – 6 days. Decide on your own day's distance and overnight stays. The 565 distance does count towards annual distance awards, but no other Audax awards,
Distance: 403km | TAS | BR
Meander Meander 400 Register
Meander through the lovely Meander Valley and area in Northern Tasmania, then return to Launceston for a final challenge before the finish – one last climb. 400 km ride with a 27-hour time limit, including all breaks.
Distance: 401km | TAS | BRM
Hadspen Hike 600 Register
Headquartering in Hadspen and heading out over hills and hollows in Northern Tasmania, a 600 km with about 4600 metres of climbing
Distance: 604km | TAS | BRM

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