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Audax Australia Insurance changes commencing 1 December 2020

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Audax Australia Insurance changes commencing 1 December 2020

Dear Audax Members

Audax Australia has for a long time contracted its insurance needs with Cycling Australia who have recently become Aus Cycling.

Insurance is the single biggest cost in running the club. In the last two years, this cost has grown from $40,000 to a projected $80,000 – $89,000 in the coming year. As a result the National committee has explored options for containing this cost.

An alternative insurance provider has been identified at a significantly lower cost using Tresidder Insurance Brokers. (Tresidder provide insurance to a number of other cycling organisations)

As this process has developed it has become clear that the level of insurance has not been as clear in the past as it could have been.

This insurance provides the same insurance that has previously been provided.

As with Cycling Australia’s insurance, the new insurer is provided as insurance of last resort. i.e. You would need to claim from all other options including Medicare, TAC in Victoria (or its equivalent in other states) and your private health insurance before claiming from the insurance provided by the club in the event of an accident.

Transition – Insurance:

  • Insurance claims for an incident that occurred prior to 1 December 2020 are required to use the current claims procedures.
  • Insurance claims for an incident that occurred on or after 1 December 2020 are required to use the new claims procedures.

Transition – Alternate Membership for Ride Registration:

  • As of 1 December 2020, all registrations for Audax Calendar and Permanent rides must be Audax Members. All memberships remain as-is, including monthly membership for those requiring short-term membership. Cycling Australia membership will no longer be an alternate to Audax Membership for ride registration purposes. 

Further Information:

Additional information and new procedures are available on the Audax Australia website:

Cycling Australia has asked us to convey the following message regarding the change:

With Audax providing their members with a differing insurance offering, your membership with Cycling Australia/AusCycling will cease as at 30/11/2020.  After this date, you will no longer be able to access the Cycling Australia/AusCycling benefits, which includes insurance and other offers.  Please ensure that if you have a physical membership card that you destroy the card. If you have any questions or wish to remain a member of Aus Cycling independently of Audax please contact the Member Services Team at Aus Cycling.

Yours sincerely,

Garry Wall
Audax Australia Cycling Club