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Audax 2020 AGM, Election & Awards

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On the 11 February 2020, the Audax Australia Annual General Meeting was held in various locations and utilised teleconference facilities.


The reason many attend the AGM is the awards, and this year two Lifetime Memberships were presented. Lifetime Membership is the highest honour the club can award and reflects a commitment to all aspects of the club: riding, ride organising, volunteering, and holding positions at regional and national levels. The club is proud and honoured to present Lifetime Membership to Alan Walker and Russell Noble. The nomination detailing their achievements and contribution to the club can be read:

Outstanding Member was awarded to Simon Watt for his continued dedication to the club.

Additional awards presented include:


  • Michael Bentley
  • Thomas Price
  • Kerri-Ann Smith


  • Kevin Ware (125,000 km)
  • Thomas Price (75,000 km)
  • Tim Taylor (75,000 km)
  • David Kerr (50,000 km)
  • Peter Jenkins (25,000 km)
  • Mark Lloyd (25,000 km)


  • Peter Carr
  • Charles Cooke
  • Dome Deli
  • Raoul Dover
  • Rodney Geisert
  • Peter Heal
  • Warren Page
  • Graeme Poile
  • Richard Reed
  • David Riddel
  • Tiffany Winchester


The final ballots were cast for the election of General Member positions on the National Committee. The elected National Committee is:

  • President: Garry Wall
  • Vice-President: Thomas Price
  • Treasurer: Kevin Grimmer
  • Secretary: Bruce Berg von Lindhe

General Member positions are held by:

  • David Riddel
  • Tiffany Winchester
  • Tom Nankivell
  • Peter Carr

The remaining 7 members of the National Committee are the State Representatives (not necessarily Regional Presidents). These may change with region elections, and are currently:

  • Charles Cooke (VIC)
  • Howard Dove (NSW)
  • Charlene Barach (TAS)
  • James Litt (SA)
  • Peter Heal (ACT)
  • Gary Peakall (WA)
  • Brian Hornby (Qld)

I’d like to pass on my thanks to the outgoing National Committee for their work through the year.

Finally, thanks to the State Representatives on the National Committee for contributing across a range of activities, for communicating to the Regional Committees ensuring they understand the actions and interests of the National Committee and for representing the views of members and Regional Committees into the National Committee to shape decisions.

Garry Wall
President, Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc.