Audax WA Newsletter - August 2022
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 14-08-2022

Welcome to the Winter edition of the Audax WA Newsletter. This newsletter provides an update since the Easter edition published in April 2022. Thank you to those who contributed content.

President's Update

Hello fellow riders,

With the winter rains at our backs and the days warming up its time to lube up your chain and sign up for a ride.

Perth Augusta Perth is fast approaching so if you haven't signed up yet you better get busy, however if 1000/1200km's is not your thing there will be a few 200's km BA rides for the same time with over night accommodation available if you fancy a couple of days of riding. If you would like to book some adhoc accommodation, please email with the details of your needs - Email contact: PAP 2022 (

Welcome to New Members Brent Dixon & Gilli Dixon.

The Audax WA Committee members can be contacted via wa.committee@audax or the email addresses below. Details are also listed on Audax WA's webpage.

Keep pedaling and hope to see you on a ride soon.


Audax Achievements 2020-2021

Congratulations to Julian Humphrey for completing LEL 1500KM in August.


PBP Year 2023

Next year is a PBP year. Anybody who may be interested is advised to complete at least one BRM ride before 31st October this year. This should be the longest distance that you can manage, so that you will be placed higher up the queue for pre-registration (PAP 1200km is still open for late registrations!). Riders are also advised to sign up for the PBP newsletters from Audax Australia (sign in to the Audax Australia website, then click on Account -> My Profile. Make sure that the PBP newsletter box is checked).


Audax Australia National News

The latest Audax Australia update is here:

Audax Update - August 2022


2022 Perth – Augusta – Perth

2022 will be the 7th edition of PAP. Starting from South Perth at 5am on Monday 10th October. Riders have until 9pm Thursday 13th October to complete the 1200km course. 1000km riders finish in Collie & have the option to ride the 200km back to Perth after a good sleep! A 200km to Bunbury one way is also on offer. You may see some wildflower’s unique to WA, you will definitely see some stunning old tall trees & glimpses of the ocean.

More info and the routes can be found on the 2022 PAP webpage.

Volunteers are required for a whole range of tasks at PAP 2022.

If you would like to volunteer to help support this ride, please email Wayne at Email contact: PAP 2022 (

Volunteers will be eligible to ride in the 'Vollies Ride' planned for 1 - 4 October. If you're a volunteer and interested in riding contact Wayne at  the above address.



Rides' Report

The ride calendar has had a variety of regular rides available on many weekends in recent months.  It has been noticed that ride numbers are down, but we congratulate the band of dedicated riders who continue to turn up.

Some of the rides rides completed include:

Aching Armadale

Aching Armadale 24/07/22. Congratulations to the lone rider who took a chance on the weather and rode Aching Armadale ride. See the ride report below for how it went.

The Road Alone (Carls report on the Aching Armadale 2022 Ride)

Other Rides' Report

Centenary 300 11th June (Gary) - 5 riders signed up for the  Centenary 300km ride, Pippa, Nick ,Ed ,Perry and myself. It was a bit cold & drizzly at the start in Guildford, however it had cleared up by the time we were making our way up the historical Zig Zag. We then head across the Darling ranges before cruising down past Araluen Botanic Park in Rolyestone to get back to the flats. Mundijong was our first coffee stop, Then on to Pinjarra for a quick pie @ the Bakery. We then made our way to the coast via the  Mandurah estuary jumping back on the PSP back to the finish. All rides finish on time and enjoyed the day .

PEEL AROUND PEEL REPORT  20 August 2022 (RO Rob Godkin / Author Wayne) - This ride is ridden in memory of departed mates who have joined the heavenly peloton.

Riders for today ride include Angelia doing her first 200 having conquered 50, 100 and 150. Carl who is in training for PAP and PBP next year. Tim who is on the start line for the 1000km PAP. Wayne, Ed and Perry who ride just 'because we can'. Rob could not ride as his wrist was 'playing up’, an old war wound which involves a ute in Hilly Kalamunda years ago. Angelia and I sort of teamed up on the Cycle path on the way to Mandurah. Ed and Perry buddied up as did Tim and Carl, well at least out of the start point at Deep Water Point.


At the Mandurah Control Angelia and I had a comport stop and then kept going. We saw Ed and Perry pass us at the toilet block but they had their blinkers on and did not see us? When we passed The Leprechaun Cafe Control saw Tims bike, assuming he must be doing some paperwork! Carl joined our Peloton of two, so now we were three. Carl told us he had been on a scenic tour of Mandurah (Note to self, he would not make a good tour guide). We rode in this grouping all the way to Pinjarra, stopping for a pee break at Forrest Hwy Toilet Block. Estuary Rd has a short sharp hill on it, I told my riding buddy’s that’s all the hills done, woohoo. As we rode around Southern Estuary Rd I had to apologize as I had forgotten about another two Hills! We had them in sight. On our left were some water tanks, two of which have the words “Hills” written on them, “Thats them two Hills I forgot about”. Angelia look relieved, Carl said something I can’t repeat! 

We had a long coffee break at the Dome Cafe in Pinjarra and Ed joined us. He and Perry had gone to Ed’s house in Mandurah, so that’s why they were behind us! Ed told us Perry had a puncture so after making sure he was ok, rode on to Pinjarra for coffee.

As we left Pinjarra, I saw Tim on the other side of the road, 'catch us up I called out’, but we never saw him again!


Ed and I chatted going along the cyclepath back to Perth until he got fed up with the conversation and rode on! Carl who had been riding behind with Angelia came up and said he was going to push on to the finish. Angelia and I rode to the finish together not seeing anybody else. 9 hours 30 mins for the 200+km very happy with that.

I rode home from Deep water Point about 16km, Angelia was driving home 36km away. The race was on, would I get home before Angelia. Your find out in the next newsletter!




Rides' Conducted

Road Peel Around Peel                   2022-08-20   Rob Godkin

Road Fields of Gold                     2022-08-13   Gary Peakall

Road Aching Armadale (2022)             2022-07-24   Glenn Mitton

Road Let's Elope - Take 2               2022-07-16   Nick Mandoki

Road Let's Elope                        2022-07-09   Nick Mandoki

Mixed Northam out and back               2022-07-02   Edward Pley

Road    Dawn til Dusk (Winter)             2022-06-18   Perry Raison

Road    Centenary of the BRM 300 - Perth   2022-06-11   Gary Peakall

Road    East of York 200                   2022-06-05   Gary Peakall

Road    North of Northam                   2022-06-04   Gary Peakall

Mixed   Red Dirt & Dust                    2022-05-28   Edward Pley

Road    Hills Honky Nut Delight            2022-05-21   Gary Peakall

Road    Wundowie Randonnee                 2022-05-14   Perry Raison

Road    Wongan Wander (DTD)                2022-04-23   Perry Raison

Road    Southern Coastal and Hills 200     2022-04-16   Edward Pley

Road    The Baker's Tour                   2022-04-09   Gary Peakall

Road    Life Behind Bars (2022)            2022-04-03   Brad Woodbrook

Permanent Rides

We had 22 permanent rides completed.  Thanks to Ed, we have an expansive list of permanent rides which riders can tackle on any day that a calendar ride is not being held.

To find the list of permanent rides, is easy.  Log on to the Audax Australia website, Under the Rides tab look for Permanent Register and go from there. Search just using the parameter WA is the quickest way to bring up our rides.

Permanent Name Region Distance Brevet Type No of Rides Avg Time
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Anticlockwise) WA 211 BP 3 09:57
Centenary of the BRM 200 - Perth WA 203 BP 2 09:22
Pathway Blitz WA 203 BP 8 09:29
Forrest and Plains 300 WA 303 BP 2 15:35
Centenary of the BRM WA 302 BP 1 14:55
Garden of Eden WA 201 BP 2 11:45
Pathway Blitz: Southern Turnaround WA 203 BP 2 09:32
PARK LIFE 200 WA 204 BP 1 10:30
Forrest and Plains 600 WA 602 BP 1 38:41

Audax WA Statistics Report by Nick Mandoki

1 November 2021 - 31 March 2022

Firstly, congratulations to Tim Pezet for completing his first 600km (To the Cape). It's been inspiring to watch Tim take on ever increasing challenges over the last year or so.

Congratulations also to Perry, Ed and Pippa for completing the Oppy, riding 445km.

* 66 successful calendar brevets. 46 over 200km. Total 19,923km.

* 22 permanent rides completed. Total 4,399km.

* Most popular ride - Jarrah & Pines (10 riders).

* Most km for a ride - Giro de Perth Rebooted (4,308 km)

* Top dozen riders (km, includes permanent rides):

     Perry Raison 4,550km
     Gary Peakall 3,311km
     Nick Mandoki 2,221km
     Tim Pezet 1,718km
     Sacha Dowell 1,600km
     Pippa Engledow 1,445km
     Di Humphrey 1,358km
     Ed Pley 1,288km
     Kym Murray 1,013km
     Wes Phillips 921km
     Carl Gillies 820km
     Julian Humphrey 513km

*Top riders (# rides):

     Perry Raison - 18 rides
     Gary Peakall - 9 rides
     Di Humphrey - 8 rides
     Tim Pezet - 6 rides
     Ed Pley - 6 rides


Cycling routes - What's the latest?

Perry advises he inspected the PSP wall works north of Ellenbrook recently and the Tonkin PSP which has been closed for the last 3 months appears destined to be closed for some time yet, although he found no updates regarding this. The original advice indicated that the PSP would reopen around the 29/8/22 – but it seems this is not the case. The detour takes in concrete path along The Promenade then through the hilly back streets, adding 1.3km and a fair bit of time in each direction.

Link to Murray River Bridge update: 

Updated news regarding Murray River Bridge on Nanga Rd.


Useful links to investigate if there are closures along your planned route include:

WESTCYCLE's Works & Infrastructure Updates

Main Roads Projects

Main Roads Travel Map

Upcoming Rides

Notes: The upcoming Spring Dawn ‘til Dusk on 17th September and the Toodyay 200 (2017) 210km permanent [Now 2022 and only 200.4km] use a new back route from Toodyay to Wundowie. The route takes in the scenic route of Folewood, Sandplain, Salt River and Fernie roads with 4.6km of very good gravel road and a high point of 422 metres on the gravel of Fernie Rd. This thus avoids the 12km of Great Eastern Highway through Bakers Hill. This thus avoids the 12km of Great Eastern Highway through Bakers Hill.

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Mr Marston's Meander Register
This ride through the western wheat belt on mostly very quiet roads gives riders a chance to observe evidence of the 1968 Meckering earthquake.
Distances: 121km, 200km | WA | BA
Dawn til Dusk (Spring) Register
Distance: 241km | WA | BRM
Perth - Augusta - Perth Register
This is the 7th edition of the Classic Western Australian Randonnee A beautiful tour of the State's SW, taking in ancient forests, stunning coastlines, and maybe even a hill or two!
Distances: 200km, 1000km, 1200km, 1200km | WA | LRM
Collie - Perth Register
200km from Collie back to Perth
Distance: 204km | WA | BRM
Fields of Gold Register
3 scenic ride distances starting in the Swan Valley heading up through the Darling Ranges to the colourful wheatbelt, making your way back past the Jarrah forests.
Distances: 210km, 321km, 405km | WA | BRM
End of Year Celebration Register
Ride out through the Chittering Valley before venturing out to Toodyay and beyond to Beejording before returning back to Bullsbrook via Bindoon-Dewars Pool Rd
Distances: 138km, 206km | WA | BA
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