Audax WA Newsletter - April 2022
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 17-04-2022

Welcome to the Easter edition of the Audax WA Newsletter. This newsletter provides an update since the 1 November start of the 2021-22 Audax year. Thank you to those who contributed content.

President's Update

Hello fellow club members,

I hope you are all keeping well in this crazy Covid-19 world and finding some time to get on your bike!

Our regional AGM was held on 27 February with the majority of Committee members reelected unopposed.

Sadly Julie and Murray have decided to step down. Thank you both for your past contributions. I would also like to thank the current Committee members for their time and effort that they put in to keep our region running smoothly.

The Audax WA Committee members can be contacted via wa.committee@audax or the email addresses below. Details are also listed on Audax WA's webpage.

WA's signature 1200 km ride is coming up this October and the Committee's aim is to assist Wayne, the Ride Organiser, with any help needed to ensure the ride is a success. So we need you, our members, to step up and volunteer.

From the National Committee, the ACP (France) has approved the use of digital files for BRM brevets. Hard copy brevet cards will always remain an option. How this will be implemented is yet to be decided ... more to come.

Save the date! 11 June! There will also be another 100 year anniversary ride this year with a distance of 300kms. The route is still being created so any suggestions would be very welcome.

I am also please to say our membership numbers are up. I would like to welcome the new members who have joined since November - Simon Donegan, Angela McAnulty, Robyn McLeish, Wes Phillips and Jo Starlight. 

Finally keep an eye out the Thanks for nothing Covid-19 ride.  It will be a free BRM calendar ride for any interested members.

Thanks and safe pedalling

Audax Achievements 2020-2021

Nine Audax WA members had a total of 26 awards approved for the Audax year 1 November 2020 to 31 October 2021. Awards are given to recognise defined distances within one year or multi-season, cumulative distances and also internationally recognised achievements. If you want to know what each award recognises and how to apply, check out the Awards Policy. As some members did not wish to be mentioned by name here is a summary of the official recognition given.

Audax Australia National News

Lifetime Membership Awarded: Peter Mathews
Audax Australia AGM 2022 Summary

2022 Perth – Augusta – Perth

Our border is open!  Airlines are flying! We are getting more comfortable with life as it is now. So time to get those registrations in for Audax WA’s feature ride PAP 2022.  A new route is on offer so if you have done it before, come back and see more of stunning WA. Not interested in riding, then consider volunteering.

This year it will be Perth – Augusta – Perth starting on Monday 10 October.  Distances of 1200km, 1000km and 200km are on offer.  Other shorter routes may be added.  The 1200km & 1000km Randonnées will take riders through the best of south-west WA during our wildflower season and touch the wheatbelt.  The main rides will be semi-supported starting in Perth.

Click here for online entries.  More info and the routes can be found on the 2022 PAP webpage.

Rides' Report

The ride calendar has been and remains very full with rides almost every weekend.  Despite the very hot summer months which persisted into March, the most ardent of riders continued to turn up.

With so many rides completed, here are the ones that stand out ...

Amorous Armadale Jarrah & Pines to the Cape 600 Pathway Blitz Oppy 2022 Dental Flat 600

Giro de Perth Rebooted 1000km 12/11/21. A big loop down to Bunbury then west to the wheatbelt before returning north to Toodyay then back to Perth. Four of eight riders completed within time.  One of the riders completed the distance outside of the time ... well done.

Dental Flat 400 21/12/21. Loop south down to almost Brunswick then back along the coast and the PSP. Four successful riders.

Summer Dawn til Dusk 311km 11/12/21. The Preston Beach ride to the south. Six successful riders on a very hot day.

Jarrah & Pines 202, 120 & 54km 26/02/22. 202km route out to Gidge and Wooroloo. Most popular ride thus far. Gary's (RO) report: 10 riders signed up for the Jarrah & Pines rides however with the forecast just shy of 34 degrees expected in the hills, Bruno, Ed Jo, Di and Perry decided to ride the shorter 120km route and be back before it got too hot. Julian however braved the heat successfully completed the 200km. Julie and I accompanied Angela and Robyn on their very first Audax ride ... welcome to the club ladies! All up everyone finish in time and enjoyed the routes.

To the Cape 600 04/03/22. Five riders completed the 600km down to Busselton and back in pretty good riding conditions.  Other riders completed 405km, 200km or a 100km distance within time.

Dental Flat 600 05/03/22. Two successful riders headed down to Harvey before going north for a loop through Gingin. 

Oppy 19/03/22. Our only team did a very impressive 445kms in the 24 hours. See Perry's ride report below for how it went.

The 3 Amigos Opperman All Day Trial

Permanent Rides

We had 22 permanent rides completed.  Thanks to Ed, we have an expansive list of permanent rides which riders can tackle on any day that a calendar ride is not being held.

To find the list of permanent rides, is easy.  Log on to the Audax Australia website, Under the Rides tab look for Permanent Register and go from there. Search just using the parameter WA is the quickest way to bring up our rides.

Permanent Name Region Distance Brevet Type No of Rides Avg Time
Tour de Mandurah Petit 50km WA 50 BP 2 02:44
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Anticlockwise) WA 211 BP 3 10:20
Pathway Blitz WA 203 BP 6 10:00
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Clockwise) WA 210 BP 2 11:40
PRESTON BEACH 300 WA 306 BP 2 14:37
Centenary of the BRM 200 - Perth WA 203 BP 3 09:20
PETIT PEEL AROUND PEEL (Anticlockwise) WA 102 BP 2 04:43
THE OLD FLAT ONE WA 400 BP 1 19:25

Audax WA Statistics Report by Nick Mandoki

1 November 2021 - 31 March 2022

Firstly, congratulations to Tim Pezet for completing his first 600km (To the Cape). It's been inspiring to watch Tim take on ever increasing challenges over the last year or so.

Congratulations also to Perry, Ed and Pippa for completing the Oppy, riding 445km.

* 66 successful calendar brevets. 46 over 200km. Total 19,923km.

* 22 permanent rides completed. Total 4,399km.

Most popular ride - Jarrah & Pines (10 riders).

* Most km for a ride - Giro de Perth Rebooted (4,308 km)

Top dozen riders (km, includes permanent rides):

     Perry Raison 4,550km
     Gary Peakall 3,311km
     Nick Mandoki 2,221km
     Tim Pezet 1,718km
     Sacha Dowell 1,600km
     Pippa Engledow 1,445km
     Di Humphrey 1,358km
     Ed Pley 1,288km
     Kym Murray 1,013km
     Wes Phillips 921km
     Carl Gillies 820km
     Julian Humphrey 513km

*Top riders (# rides):

     Perry Raison - 18 rides
     Gary Peakall - 9 rides
     Di Humphrey - 8 rides
     Tim Pezet - 6 rides
     Ed Pley - 6 rides

* New riders:

     Simon Donegan (Dental Flat 200km)
     Wes Phillips (Swanning Around 100km). Wes also
     completed the 1000km Giro ride earlier in the season,
     but was sadly OTL.
     Bridget Rhodes-Moore (Amorous Armadale 100km)
     Jo Starlight (Amorous Armadale 100km)
     Carl Gillies (Amorous Armadale 200km)
     Dan Adams (Pathway Blitz 200km)
     Angela McAnulty (Jarrah & Pines 50km)
     Robyn McLeish (Jarrah & Pines 50km)

Cycling routes - What's the latest?

Good news with the Kwinana PSP finally reopened all the way from Perth to Mandurah with no diversions!

Useful links to investigate if there are closures along your planned route include:

WESTCYCLE's Works & Infrastructure Updates

Main Roads Projects

Main Roads Travel Map

Upcoming Rides

Look out for the gravel ride on 28 May with 88km of gravel and the Centenary of the BRM 300 on 11 June!

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Wongan Wander (Autumn DTD) Register
Adventure out into the wheatbelt on roads less travelled.
Distances: 200km, 404km, 601km | WA | BRM
Wundowie Randonnee Register
Starting from Wundowie in the Perth Hills, ride a variety of routes on mainly quiet roads through the Darling Scarp, the western wheatbelt and coastal plain.
Distances: 101km, 208km, 302km, 401km | WA | BRM
Hills Honky Nut Delight
Hills ride.
Distances: 50km, 119km, 202km | WA | BRM
Red Dirt & Dust
Pinjarra-Waroona-Harvey-Dwellingup-Scarp Pool- Pinjarra
Distance: 200km | WA | BG
North of Northam
Northam - Bolgart - Calingiri - Goomalling - Northam Supported ride - details TBA
Distances: 100km, 213km | WA | BRM
East of York 200
A winter ride located further East where rain is less likely. Worth the trip to explore some scenic roads you don't usually get to ride.
Distances: 150km, 206km | WA | BRM
Centenary of the BRM 300 - Perth
Centenary of the BRM 300 .
Distance: 300km | WA | BRM
Bjorn Blasse Celebration Register
Start & Finish Satellite Place Carlisle. A social ride celebrating one of WA's Audacious achievers. BBQ to be held after the ride.
Distances: 50km, 50km, 102km | WA | BA
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