Audax WA Newsletter - November 2021
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Date: 25-11-2021

Welcome to the November issue of Audax WA's Newsletter. Read on for a wrap up of the last two months & the Audax year 2020/21 as a whole, and a look at the year coming.

President's Update

Hi All ,

As we leave a riding season behind and pedal into a new year I would like to thank the WA Committee for the time and effort they have put in keeping our region running smoothly. 

In particular, a big thank you goes to Julie who has produced our newsletters and provided social media support. Sadly Julie has left the Committee but will continue for another few months helping with the social media. If anyone has an interest in becoming involved in this role, please get in touch. 

Secondly, a huge thank you goes to our ROs who spend hours creating new and exciting routes for us to ride! If anyone is interested in being an RO, please get in touch with me ASAP @ as we have an RO information night coming up in the near future. 

A big thank you also goes to Ed for updating our permanent rides. Thanks Ed. The new list is certainly worth a look!

This coming season is also the year of the “ PAP 1200 ” and planing is well under way. To help make this historical ride run smoothly the PAP Committee needs members to put their hands up and volunteer. Any little bit of help you can give will assist to make this ride a marque event.

Save the date - With Christmas knocking on our door the Committee has planned for an end of year/Christmas 50km social ride on 12 December finishing @ the famous Alfred kitchen for a burger. If you don't feel like a ride just turn up for a burger. Watch your inbox for more details closer to the date.

And finally, I would like to thank all the active members of Audax WA.  We wouldn't have a club without you turning up for rides.

Well that's all ... keep peddling and I hope to see you on a ride soon.

WA Regional President

PAP 2022 - Perth - Augusta Perth


As mentioned by the President, planning is now underway for the semi-supported 1200km PAP 2022 to start on 10 October 2022.  The route next year will be Perth-Augusta-Perth providing an alternate route from previous versions of our feature ride. If you wish to register your interest to participate as a rider or a volunteer, then please complete this form.  Information as it becomes available will be posted to the feature ride webpage.  Also check out the PerthAugustaPerth Facebook group.

Audax Australia News

PYRR Award Rule Change
Audax Australia Regional Ride Limitations
Award Applications Are Open
New Audax Australia RAID Medals

Audax WA Statistics

And one final stat - Congratulations to Nick for completing the three big ones in 20/21 - Giro De Perth 1003kms, The Mammoth 2005kms and The Resurrection 1200kms as well as several 400 & 600km rides.  Massive effort.

September/October Ride Reports

29/08 Dental Sunday 200: Lousy weather no takers.

4/09 Two Rocks Turnaround: Six completed 100km and three the 50km route.

11/09 Centenary of the BRM 200: 18 cyclists completed the 203km flat route on a day ideal for the ride.

18/09 Audax 40th Anniversary 600 Perth to Bridgetown: three riders ticked off the 601km route while one rider each on the 100km & 300km routes. See ride report.

25/09 Dawn til Dusk (Spring): Three riders completed the 241km ride. See ride report.

03/10 Dental Dam: Five riders completed the 52km route while one took on the full 222km ride.

9/10 The Resurrection 1200 Resurrected: Two completed the 1200km route; four the 301kms and two riders completed the 200kms.

23/10 The New Classic: Six riders did the loop out through Toodyay and back.

31/10 End of Season Retro Ride: Nine riders with the majority doing the 111km route.

photo photo image photo picture pic image picture
Spring Dawn til’ Dusk 240
WA: 40th Anniversary BRM 600 – Perth to Bridgetown

And permanents done over the past two months ...

Permanent Name Region Distance Brevet Type No of Rides Avg Time
Centenary of the BRM 200 - Perth WA 203 BP 2 09:14
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Anticlockwise) WA 211 BP 1 09:50
Pathway Blitz WA 203 BP 7 09:19
Wongan Wander 200 WA 200 BP 2 11:25
PETIT PEEL AROUND PEEL (Anticlockwise) WA 102 BP 2 04:27
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Clockwise) WA 210 BP 1 11:06
PRESTON BEACH 300 WA 306 BP 2 16:10
Forrest and Plains 300 WA 303 BP 1 13:55
Perston Beach 200 WA 205 BP 1 09:50
Pathway Blitz 100 WA 106 BP 3 04:58
Honky Nut 50 WA 50 BP 1 02:45

Cycle Infrastructure Updates

Diversions and consultations underway can be found on the WestCycle Works & Infrastructure webpage.

Diversions include Tonkin Gap PSP and Midland Railway PSP.

The PSP Expansion Program 2017 - 2022 may also interest some of you.

Upcoming Rides

Thank you to Nick for once again making the 2021/22 Ride Calendar happen.

And don't forget the 12 December social ride!

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Dental Flat 400 Register
Dental flat 400
Distance: 400km | WA | BRM
Dawn to Dusk (Summer) Register
A gentle ride out via the PSP to Muchea before heading across to Toodyay and York. Return via Wundowie, Mundaring, and Darlington.
Distance: 304km | WA | BRM
Dental Hilly 300 Register
Dental hilly 300
Distance: 300km | WA | BRM
Swanning Around (Evening Ride)
Around the rivers
Distances: 50km, 100km | WA | BA
Helena Valley Dental Care 100
A beautiful Sunday morning ride through the Perth hills. Sponsored by Helena Valley Dental Care with coffee at the start and a pasta lunch at the finish.
Distance: 104km | WA | BA
Amorous Armadale (Evening Ride)
A gentle ride around the coastal plains starting and ending in Armadale. Starting in the afternoon, as the temperatures drop.
Distances: 50km, 100km, 200km | WA | BA
Dental Hilly 200
Dental hilly 200
Distance: 200km | WA | BRM
Pathway Blitz
Riding mostly on the PSP network, from the City out to Muchea, down to Baldivis, and return.
Distances: 60km, 105km, 209km | WA | BRM

That is all for this month. As always feedback welcome.  

As usual feedback or suggestions for future rides always welcome. You can contact Audax WA via or refer to the Contacts tab.

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