Paris Brest Paris 2023 - Audax Update #8
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 28-04-2023

Another short update newsletter for Audax Australia Members regarding:
- PBP Registration
- Personal Insurance
- PBP Jerseys

PBP Registration Now Open

Audax Australia are currently able to complete their full registration for PBP.

Go to the Paris Brest Paris website and log into your account

Select the Paris Brest Paris button. Then select Modify.

Fill out the details on the registration form and select the qualifying homolgated brevets from the drop down list. Here you'll also select the various options you want such as parking, pre ride meals, results brochure posted and the official PBP Jersey in a UNISEX SIZE. The PBP Reflective vest is provide as part of your entry fee.

Once that complete you will go to a payment screen and your done.

Insurance for Paris Brest Paris

Please note the following well.

The Insurance Broker for Audax Australia member' personal accident insurance has advised that this cover is only in place for accidents occurring in Australia.
There is NO OVERSEAS COVER for personal accident.

The member's Personal Liability coverage operates overseas except in the USA and Canada.

This means if you want any form of insurance whilst travelling overseas and riding the PBP event, you will need to effect your own Travel Insurance Policy.

As previous mentioned, not all Travel Insurance covers will cover you while participating in a PBP style event, so choose wisely and look out for exclusions such as "timed events" and "organised events".

Audax Australia Jerseys and Caps

It pleasing to see the Audax Australia PBP jersey out on the road doing Audax rides already. The design and colour certainly makes it very visible and attracts comments.

The AliExpress Jersey
Riders can still organise their jerseys and caps direct from the AliExpress website. The website is a little "quirky" in that you will need to specify some aspects in the notes to the supplier.

You need to make sure to ask for the Audax Australia PBP Jersey and Audax Australia Cap.

Keep in mind the sizes are understated "Asian Sizing" so you will probably need to go up a size when ordering. If ordering a long sleeve version, feedback from members is that the cuff elastic is tight on Aussie size wrists, so maybe ask them to leave it out.

The supplier is providing a option of shorts and bibs in the full yellow strip even though this wasn't requested. In practice these are very yellow and revealing, so take care.

As with all AliExpress purchases, you can create a dispute and get refund if the goods are not as ordered in material or sizing.

Despite the supplier saying they provide various cuts and styles including a "Women's Cut", it seems their idea of a Women's cut is just a smaller men's cut with no effort to fit body shape.
Given this feedback an alternative premium option from an Australian manufacturer is being offered by one of our members as detailed below.

Champion Systems Jersey
If you wish to
take part in an order of custom tailored jerseys of same basic design from this Australian manufacturer please contact Sally Theofanides vic.secretary@audax.org.au

There is a minimum order and short timeframe for ordering through this manufacturer so you need to let Sally know you are interested very soon - in the next week or so..



PBP Sub Committee
on behalf of the
Audax Australia National Committee

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