Audax WA Newsletter - March 2021
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Date: 21-03-2021

Bumper issue this month:

  • President's Update
  • Easter Weekend Away & Rides
  • Rider Awards & Stats Update
  • Ride Reports
  • Other Audax News
  • Upcoming Rides
President's Update

 Hello fellow Club Members,

I hope you are all well and finding some time to get on your bike!

We are now five months into our ride calendar and I would just like to give you a quick update from the Committee.

Our regional AGM was held on 23 January and all Committee Members were reelected unopposed with the addition of Ed Pley. Thanks Ed for coming on board! The Committee Member list can be found on the Contacts tab on Audax WA's website.

I would like to thank all the Committee Members for their time and effort to keep our region running smoothly. The Committee's aim last year was to increase our media presence, revamp the newsletter, add more ride options and in doing so hopefully increasing rider participation and our membership.

Thanks to Julie (with Glenn's & Jo's help) for updating and maintaining our Facebook pages and reintroducing the newsletter.

Our ROs have kindly added more options to calendar rides. This approach has been well received ... Thanks ROs.

I am also pleased to mention our membership numbers are up. I would like to welcome the following new members who have joined since November - Dave Watson, Adrian Rakimov, Tim Robertson, Tim Pezet, John Wheelhouse & Stan Pennors. Welcome guys ... see you on a ride!

Thanks & safe pedaling


Easter Weekend Away & Rides

A bunch of us are heading to Toodyay on Friday 2 April returning on Sunday 4 April. There are a range of ride options to get you there & back, or if you only can spare a day, come up on Saturday for one or two rides.

Registration to pay for the accommodation & meals is now available via the ride calendar.  Please register by 28 March.

Don't forget to register for the rides of your choice too.

Questions ... email Julie

Rider Awards and Stats Update


Congratulations to the following WA riders who had their awards announced at the recent National Audax AGM.

Australian Randonneur: a minimum of 25,000 km in lifetime riding achievements
Wayne Hickman 75,000 kms

Australian Super Series: 200, 300, 400 & 600 km rides in a single session
Nick Mandoki 1,516 km & 2,710 km

Nouveau Randonneur: 50, 100 & 150 km rides in a single season
Ed Pley

Annual Distance Awards:
5,000 km - Wayne Hickman  5,018 km
2,500 km - Ed Pley 2,665 km

Outstanding Member Award:
Julie Kenworthy for her outstanding efforts on WA Audax Media initiatives.

Rider stats from 1 November 2020 to mid-March 2021

12 calendar rides. Total 72 brevets, 39 of which 200 km or more. Total 23,910 km ridden.
* Most popular ride = Prison Pedal Night Ride, 25/1/21, 13 riders
* Most KMs per ride = The Mammoth, 27/2/21, 10,431 km.

* 12 perms ridden. Total 1,913 km.

Top 10 most active WA Audax riders (calendar & permanent rides) (km):

* 4,737 km Wayne
* 4,423 km Nick
* 2,880 km Perry
* 2,508 km Sacha
* 2,005 km Mack
* 1,747 km Ed
* 1,127 km Gary
* 724 km Bruno
* 455 km Julie
* 411 km Rob G

Most active riders (# rides):
* Perry x 12 rides
* Ed x 9
* Wayne x 8
* Nick & Julie x 7
* Gary x 5
* Bruno, David L & Glenn x 4

Ride Reports

The most notable ride in the last couple of months was The Mammoth 2,000 km LRM. Congratulations to the intrepid five - Wayne, Sacha, Mack, Nick and Pete.  Check out Sacha's ride report linked below.

The Mammoth finishers Mack & Sacha Pete Wayne Nick
WA: A Mammoth Ride (by Sacha Dowell)

Other rides completed since the last newsletter were:

* B'stard Randonnee 54, 200, 305 and 400 km rides 5/02
* Dental Dams 119 km 14/02
* The Mammoth 400 km 27/02+. Congrats to Ed for completing his first 400 km.
* Toodyay Loop 101 & 200 km 14/03
* Dental York 200, 100 & 50 km 21/03

Permanents completed since 1 February were:

Permanent Name Region Distance Brevet Type No of Rides Avg Time
AVONGUARD 200 WA 212 BP 1 10:15
Honky Nut 50 WA 50 BP 2 02:47
PRESTON BEACH 300 WA 306 BP 1 14:58
PARK LIFE 200 WA 204 BP 1 11:30
PEEL AROUND PEEL 2017 WA 211 BP 1 12:10
PEEL AROUND PEEL (Clockwise) WA 210 BP 3 11:07
Other Audax News
New Audax Australia Gravel Medals
Audax 2021 AGM, Election & Awards
Lifetime Membership Awarded: Peter Heal

New SpotWalla Links

SpotWalla is in the process of migrating to a new site.

The new "Audax WA" location page is here:

Audax Australia link:

Upcoming Rides

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Petit Fleche Opperman Trial WARegister
Teams of 3, 4 or 5 bikes. Each team chooses its own start point and course.
Distance: 180km | WA | Fleche
Fleche Opperman All Day Trial WARegister
Teams of 3, 4 or 5 bikes. Each team chooses its own start point and course. A minimum of 360km must be ridden in 24hrs from 08:00 Sat morning. All rides finish at the Carriage Café, Fremantle.
Distance: 360km | WA | Fleche
Easter Weekend - Rides to ToodyayRegister
Rides to Toodyay Supported ride - details TBA
Distances: 104km, 200km | WA | BRM
Easter Weekend - Rides from/around ToodyayRegister
Rides from/around Toodyay
Distances: 50km, 50km, 50km, 50km, 104km, 107km, 200km, 248km | WA | BRM
Easter Weekend - Rides from ToodyayRegister
Rides from Toodyay
Distances: 100km, 104km, 200km | WA | BRM
Southern Coastal and Hills 200Register
Starting from Mandurah, ride around the Peel Inlet and across to Dwellingup, before returning via Pinjara.
Distances: 51km, 108km, 202km | WA | BRM
Dental Sunday 300Register
On the 7th day you shall do your Audax riding. For those still busy with creation on Sat. this hilly 300k ride is intended to help with qualification for Paris 2019. Flat roads and some hills should make for a pleasant mix.
Distance: 302km | WA | BRM
Forrest and PlainsRegister
Mostly flat with a shortish hilly section via Dwellingup. Meander thru the scenic SW via local back roads staying O/N @ Busselton Supported ride - details TBA
Distances: 305km, 400km, 605km | WA | BRM

That's it for this newsletter.

  As usual feedback on the newsletter, rides held and suggestions for future rides always welcome.

You can contact Audax WA via or refer to the Contacts tab.

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