Paris Brest Paris 2023 - Audax Update #6
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 16-04-2023

This is a short update newsletter for Audax Australia Members with information about ordering the Audax Australia 2023 PBP Jersey and Cap

Also a few notes on Travel Insurance that seem to have been left off last weeks newsletter.

Team Jersey & Cap

In the last newsletter update the design approved for the 2023 Audax Australia PBP Jersey was shown.

Samples of the Jersey arrived just after the previous newsletter circulated and Pete Heal agreed to model these as you will see below. Pete's dimensions are 182cm tall and a scrawny 73kgs if that's any guide. The long sleeve jersey shown is an "Asian" Large  (Mfr's terminology) and the short sleeve is an "Asian" X Large.
The sizing is a little small for Aussie sizes so think about ordering one size up. Women's cut is available for asking and a separate sizing chart is provided at the ordering link.

Pete's feedback: "the Large Long sleeve would have been OK but the cuffs were tight. The XL short sleeve was a little loose at the sleeve. Maybe an XL Long sleeve and a L short sleeve would have better sizing? The quality is good and the material is lightweight summer breathable with mesh side panels."

Your jersey/cap will be shipped directly to you and take a bit over 14 days to arrive.

Cost might vary slightly when ordering, but at the time of this update for the "summer" material the approximate prices are as follows:
Short Sleeve Jersey A$28 shipped
Long Sleeve Jersey A$32 shipped
Cap                        A$12 shipped

You should specify when ordering that you want the
Audax Australia PBP Jersey/Cap Design.

Ordering links:
Jerseys https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004011470692.html

Caps https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005457876111.html


The various forms of insurance you might need for your European travels might include
- Travel Insurance
Personal Accident
- Personal Liability
- Property Loss

Not all insurance covers are created equal and some specifically exclude any loss or injury arising from an "organised or timed event".

Travel insurance in addition to the Audax Australia members insurance would provided a good balance for riders.
Here's a link to the Audax Australia personal accident insurance cover. https://audax.org.au/knowledge-base/audax-insurance/

As mentioned, some Travel insurers specifically exclude any injury or loss arising from "a race (other than on foot)" or "a timed event". Some don't care and provide appropriate cover.

Velosure Personal Travel insurance as an example of a specialist Bicycle Insurer, have previously provided Travel insurance cover for cycling including racing and timed events overseas.
Their current Travel cover page states the following:

  1. You are NOT covered while racing your bicycle, only for leisure and non-event/competitive rides.
    The  policy does not offer cover for any injuries or other losses you may sustain while racing or participating in any timed events on your bicycle.
    The Fast Cover policy does include cover for non-competitive sports and leisure activities including bicycling, recreational mountain biking, and bicycle tours with a licensed tour operator (but not when racing, motor cross, BMX, cross country, or downhill mountain biking)

Medibank Travel insurance for example responded to a query about whether PBP fell under their "timed event" exclusion after providing some background and said:
policy does provide cover for various activities, provided reasonable care is taken.
This is not specifically defined, however, depending on the circumstances, reasonable care could mean, but is not limited to:

  • Wearing all applicable safety clothes/gear.
  • Ensuring all instructions are followed.
  • Not intentionally endangering yourself or others.


As with all sporting activities, cover is only provided if you are not competing in a Professional capacity, and not racing.

 Additionally, Luggage and Personal Effects Exclusion 8 does state that we will not pay for sporting equipment whilst in use.


Covermore Travel Insurance - Adventure

This travel insurer has a fairly broad coverage for overseas travellers. Their standard cover includes Cycling/Cycle Touring (Leisure). Their "Adventure" level of policy has obviously been tailored to include the kind of activity that PBP might fall under with a specific inclusion stated as Cycle (Cross Country Endurance Cycling)



The above does not represent financial or insurance advice in any form. You must make your own decisions on what insurance cover suits you.

Arguing with an Insurer about what is covered after you have an accident and are potentially in a foreign country health facility is not something anyone wants to do. 
You might be happy taking the policy wording and exclusions of your Travel Insurance at face value and just chancing it, or you might be risk averse and opt to take a broad and all encompassing travel cover.


Next Time

There will probably be one or two more updates before everyone starts their journey to Europe, France and PBP.

As soon as the information about booking your drop bags is available we'll let subscribers to this newsletter know.

As with previous years of PBP, Audax riders try to get together beforehand somewhere near the start for a team photo and restaurant meal.
This could prove difficult in 2023 given the wide ranging accommodation options taken up by members around Rambouillet, Paris and further afield but will give it a try.

PBP Sub Committee
on behalf of the
Audax Australia National Committee

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