Paris Brest Paris 2023 - Audax Update #4
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 06-01-2023

This newsletter update is for Audax Australia Members with aspirations of participating in the next Paris Brest Paris 1,200km ride to be held in August 2023.

Information is gradually being updated on the ACP's Paris Brest Paris website, so keep your eye on that here:

This update is regarding accommodation and support as the former is getting very difficult to obtain apparently.

If you have questions or would like to share your PBP journey experiences with others please contact the sub committee pbp@audax.org.au

Pre - Registration

Pre- registration for PBP opens at Noon France time on Saturday 14th January and goes through to 25 May 2023 depending upon the longest qualifying ride completed during the previous 2021-22 Audax year.
In Australia that time would be 10:00pm EST on Saturday 14th January.

1,200km and greater are first in the queue.

Before you start your pre-registration, it is recommended that you first visit this ACP web page and create an account.

Some interesting figures from ACP website showing how many registrations will be available for the different time slots.


Date Time limit Remaining places
20/08 80h00 1249
20/08 90h00 4800
21/08 84h00 1550

The various forms of insurance you might need for your European travels might include
- Travel Insurance
Personal Accident
- Personal Liability
- Property Loss

Not all insurance covers are created equal and some specifically exclude any loss or injury arising from an "organised or timed event".

Audax Australia members have the benefit of the comprehensive insurance policy which covers personal accident and personal liability during any cycling event (such as PBP).

The Paris Brest Paris organisers also arrange a special cover for riders to cover medical and evacuation costs following an accident on PBP.

This sub committee is currently looking at policy wordings of various Travel Insurance covers and will provide a brief summary of those that may carry specific exclusions for events such as PBP and will pass this on in next PBP Update.

Team Jersey

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect" club jersey or uniform?
Probably not.
The National Committee is working on a design for a new Audax Australia Jersey which will be available for the 2023 PBP.

Drop Bags

Audax Australia have been in discussion with a business able to provide drop bag services along the PBP route but no specific details are available as yet.


As mentioned in previous PBP Australia updates, accommodation near Rambouillet is probably already booked or reserved in blocks.
You may find hotel availability somewhere nearby that involves a train ride to the start.

Similarly, along the route hotel rooms have been snapped up and booked in blocks, possibly to be released for riders closer to the ride.

Things To Get Organised

Passport. Be aware of delays in processing 
Co Vid vaccination international certificate
Transporting your bike and stuff. Review Airline weight limits.

Audax Australia PBP Riders Survey

Thank you to those who took the time to complete the online survey to assist with overall planning for our PBP efforts.

Results from the survey at 06/01/2023 with 38 responses follow.

Number of previous PBP's

  • 0 - 13

  • 1 - 14

  • Many - 11

Drop Bags if Available

  • Not req. 6

  • One 18

  • Two 13

Accommodation on route

  • Interested in group 19

  • Arrange own 19

Pre Qualifying Distance Ridden

  • 0 - 4

  • 300 - 4

  • 400 - 1

  • 600 - 15

  • 1000+ - 14

PBP Sub Committee
on behalf of the
Audax Australia National Committee

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