Paris Brest Paris 2023 - Audax Update #2
Welcome to Australia’s Long Distance Cycling Club

Date: 19-10-2022

This newsletter update is for Audax Australia Members with aspirations of participating in the next Paris Brest Paris 1,200km ride to be held in August 2023.

Information is gradually being updated on the ACP's Paris Brest Paris website, so keep your eye on that here:

In this update we'll give information on the following:

  • Ride Information
  • Pre-registration
  • Accommodation and Support
  • What should I be doing now?

The PBP sub committee would like to get some feedback from prospective PBP riders, so have put together a short survey on line. Your responses help with further planning and will be greatly appreciated.

If you have questions or would like to share your PBP journey experiences with others please contact the sub committee pbp@audax.org.au

Ride Information

The official ACP Paris Brest Paris website listed above was updated recently with the "rules" for the 2023 event. These rules also include the various starting wave times and dates and also information regarding pre-registration.

More information will no doubt follow and we'll try to keep you updated on these.


The recently released PBP Rules spells out pre-registration commencing Saturday 14 January 2023 at Noon French time.
That would relate to 9pm Saturday 14 January 2023 EST in Australia. Jot that down in your calendar now.
Pre registration from that date and time is for riders that have completed at least one Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (or RM>=1200km considered as a BRM 1000km) between November 1 2021 and October 31 2022. The openings will be made gradually, from the greatest to the smallest kms of the BRM. Pre-registration reserves you a place for the PBP 2023 in a starting wave, within the limit of available spaces.

By now most would have or should have completed a long BRM pre-qualifier ride. The longer the better.

There might be still some time for a last minute BRM before 1 Novenber 2022 subject to open roads etc. There are few rides up to 600kms on the Audax calendar still to run.

Rider Survey

Please provide some feedback on the linked Google form (see below) so we can get rough idea on riders plans and needs in regards drop bags and arranged accommodation.


Accommodation and Support

As advised in the last update, the company previously providing drop bag and accommodation services to Audax Australia members is not doing this in 2023.

We are investigating other options for participating members which hopefully will include the full service as previously if required.

Another option may be for one drop bag on route which riders could access on the out and back journey. We are following up this "man with a van" or "homme avec une camionnette" option and will advise if it comes to fruition.

Your feedback will help us plan for this.

Hotels near Rambouillet are taking bookings this far out so maybe start looking for something soon.

What Should I Be Doing Now?

Get a long BRM or LRM ride done before 31 October 2022. 

Keep track of when you can pre-register based on the longest BRM ride you have completed in the season ending 31 October 2022.

Start planning your Qualifying Rides for early late 2022 and early 2023. That involves completing the 4 Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux from 200 km to 600 km.

Ride organisers in our various regions are organising suitable qualifying BRMs, so start sifting through the Audax calendar.

Investigate reserving your accommodation and make sure your passport is valid.

PBP Sub Committee
on behalf of the
Audax Australia National Committee

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