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Date: 05-04-2021

Toodyay Easter Weekend Away

Hello fellow riders,

Only a small group of seven – Ed, Glenn, John, Julie, Perry, Ryan and myself – signed up for our three days in Toodyay. The weekend was about social rides and a relaxing downtime in between. A few of us had done big rides the weekend before so we were looking forward to something less demanding.  There is a link below to Julie’s account of what we got up to, so just to give you a taste of what you missed …

The weekend started on Easter Friday with Perry, John and Ed riding about 100 km up to our Toodyay base in hot conditions. I sprung a secret easter egg control to provide an energy boost.

The forecasted hot weather for Saturday caused us to change the planned 220 km ride to a 100 km loop to Bindoon. The same trio plus myself enjoyed this ride in much cooler conditions than expected. Also on Saturday morning Ryan and Julie rode a hilly Toodyay 50 km along a very scenic route. Only having about 100 km in our legs, Perry, Ed and I did a quick 30 km appetite booster just before Saturday's dinner.

On Saturday afternoon Nick and Wayne dropped by (twice) on their way to completing the Toodyay 1000 km ride.

Sunday’s ride was a scenic 100 km taking Perry, Ed and John back to Bassendean Train Station. Driving back I met up with them at the Bakers Hill Pie Shop (of course) then dashed home to cycled  up to join them on the last leg back.

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For the Toodyay 7, we didn't cycle that many kilometres overall but we did enjoy the rides and relaxing.  We got the chance to sit around and talk all things cycling plus other stuff.  The Support Team (Julie, Glenn, Ryan and a bit of help from me) did a great job setting up our venue, providing meals and snacks, keeping the place clean, packing up and transporting the riders' luggage. Ryan even ran a movie for us each night … cycling theme of course. I got the chance to try out my home-made bike racks – worked a treat.

I would particularly like to thank Julie and Glenn (non-rider volunteer) who did all the preparation and made the weekend happen. Perry also deserves special mention for the work he put into the routes for the three days.  Highlights – socialising with a great group of people, scenic rides on mostly quiet roads, Glenn’s spaghetti bolognese, Ryan’s grilled salmon and the movies. It would have been good to have had a few more riders taking part.

All the feedback has been extremely positive.  I look forward to a similar weekend when the timing is right.  Until next time keep peddling.

Gary Peakall
Audax WA President

Ride Reports

Other than the Toodyay rides, the only other ride since our last newsletter was The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial on 27 March.  Audax WA had two teams take part. 

Team Tribent, WA Blokes on Bents (Glen, Brad and Wayne) were defeated by six or so punctures according to their Facebook post.

Team Safety Bicycle Peddlers (Nick, Gary & Perry) competed the required 360km plus another 100km or so.

WA: Toodyay Audax Retreat

The Queensland Newsletter a couple of editions ago included a cheeky comment about the quantity of Audax WA ride reports we had posted. Good on us I say. Would be good to read about other region's rides beyond a Facebook post. But to give credit due, our Queensland brethren have a few reports worth reading too.  Check out FNQ's site -

Upcoming Rides

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Southern Coastal and Hills 200Register
Starting from Mandurah, ride around the Peel Inlet and across to Dwellingup, before returning via Pinjara.
Distances: 51km, 104km, 202km | WA | BRM
Dental Sunday 300Register
This moderately hilly 300k ride is a Sunday ride intended for people who have other commitments on Saturdays. Flat roads and some hills should make for a pleasant mix.
Distance: 302km | WA | BRM
Forrest and PlainsRegister
Mostly flat with a shortish hilly section via Dwellingup. Meander thru the scenic SW via local back roads staying O/N @ Busselton Supported ride - details TBA
Distances: 305km, 400km, 605km | WA | BRM
East of York 200
A winter ride located further East where rain is less likely. Worth the trip to explore some scenic roads you don't usually get to ride.
Distances: 150km, 206km | WA | BRM
Mogumber Magic
Distances: 213km, 300km | WA | BRM
Pathway Blitz
Distance: 200km | WA | BRM
Blackwood 600Register
Start/finish Falcon. Journey south to the source of the Blackwood River, follow the valley to Nannup & sleep before heading home through the beautiful Ferguson Valley. Marvel at the gnomes at Gnomesville!
Distances: 204km, 407km, 602km | WA | BRM
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