Qld Oppy 2018

In 2018 the SEQ Fleche Opperman finished at St Lucia for the first time, where it was great to celebrate with other teams and supporters. There were 5 Oppy and 2 Petit Oppy teams that successfully finished in SEQ, which together with the 2 Oppy and 3 Petit Oppy FNQ finishers, made it the biggest […]

Newsletter – March 22, 2018

In the past two weeks it’s become appreciably cooler here in Brisbane earlier in the morning with enough clear weather to convince even the least audacious to venture out on their velocipede. And so I did, and you can read about it below. I’ve also provided the most current Oppy information including where to watch […]

Newsletter – March 8, 2018

What about the weather?? It’s been insanely hot when it’s not been bucketing down making the riding a challenge. Nonetheless, the hardier folks have lined up to take on recent brevets. I’m looking forward to a cool change when I hope we might see even more people line up for rides, including myself. Don’t forget […]