The Tasmanian region offers a wide range of permanents from 50 to 600km giving riders the opportunity to ride when it suits them. Find out more details and register by following any of the links below.


50 km Rides: time limit 3h20

Intercity 50
Nouveau Une
Pub to Pinnacle


100 km Rides: time limit 6h40

Beaches 100K
Bushy Park or Bust
Channel Circuit
Derwent 100
Dover Delight
Mountain River Meander
Nouveau Deux


120 km Rides: time limit 8h

Bruny Lighthouse Dash
Petit Ash Dash


150 km Rides: time limit 10h

Bushy Park 150


160 km Rides: time limit 10h40

Nouveau Trois


200 km Rides: time limit 13h20

Bluff to Cape
Exceter Double Century
Follow the Hollowtree Road
Hobart Seven Hills Dash
I'll Take the High Road
Macquarie Plains Double Century
Not Real Flat II
Riverbank Ramble
Riverbank Ramble II
Triabunna Loop
Waddamana Gravel Grinder


300 km Rides: time limit 20h

Swansea Loop


400 km Rides: time limit 27h

Lake Leake Loop


600 km Rides: time limit 40h

St Marys Loop

Tas Upcoming Rides

Thu 19 January
Muirs carpark, Hobart 1000km Route MapRegistration
Sat 28 January
Derwent Entertainment Centre carpark, Elwick 150km Registration
Sun 29 January
Strathgordon (West Coast Wilderness Chalet) 150km Registration
Sat 11 February
Hobart Cenotaph/ Intercity Cycleway 600km Registration